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Whale Cloud Officially Announces Start of Operations, Strategy and Investment to Change the Digital Transformation Landscape

Whale Cloud Technology Co. Ltd., formerly ZTEsoft Technology Co. Ltd., has officially unveiled its new brand name, market ambitions and strategy at the Alibaba Computing Conference 2018.

Whale Cloud’s rebranding follows on Alibaba’s acquisition of ZTE’s stake in ZTEsoft and strengthens its strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud, to become a cloud-native Digital Transformation Provider, capable to offer an unparalleled power of transformation by combining Whale Cloud’s extensive offer of business and operational enablers with Alibaba’s cutting-edge data technologies and vertical assets. The company also commits to helping individuals, society, businesses and governments worldwide to develop their full potential using digital technologies and to reach the value and benefits of the digital lifestyle.

The new company offers innovative data intelligence services, high-quality business and operation enablement solutions and professional services powered by cloud-computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI). Supported by its R&D centers around the world, Whale Cloud will continue enhancing its technical strength, investing in product innovations, and expanding its business landscape.

Present in 80 countries and leveraging more than 20 years developing and delivering sophisticated ICT solutions and support systems, Whale Cloud has built its core competences  on communications software, operation services, cloud computing, big data analytics, AI, and Internet architecture. It targets now to fast-track the digital transformation process of the telecom industry and extend the benefits of this transformation across industries and marketplaces to help service providers, enterprises and governments to create massive value in the digital economy.

Developing Digital Economy Full Potential

Data is the essence of digital economy, while innovation is its engine. In Whale Cloud we are convinced in that the integration of powerful and massive data technologies and capabilities together with deep knowledge and strong solutions for business and operational enablement, is a game changer in the digital transformation arena and the only way for the industry to achieve the full potential of digital economy.

“The whale is a symbol of power and wisdom, naming our company Whale Cloud reflects our mission as Digital Transformation Provider for exploring and innovating to create unlimited data-based value in the digital economy”, said Mr. Bao Zhongjun, Whale Cloud CEO at the press conference in Hangzhou.

Becoming a cloud-native Digital Transformation Provider

Mr. Yang Ming, Whale Cloud SVP, shared the company’s market and product strategies. He said that the company has set a “321” strategy, which includes three core capabilities (technology, business model, and scientific research), two enablement scenarios (enterprise brain and city brain), and one ultimate goal (customer first). “Cloud computing, AI, and big data are the foundation of digital economy and our core strengths. Whale Cloud business models are evolving to consistently support product-based, service-based, and ecosystem-based approaches and to build an ecosystem with 30 operational partners and 100 technology partners”, said Mr. Yang Ming.

The company will invest 1 billion yuan in the next three years for the research of core technologies, launching an AI lab, a city brain research institute, and a cloud computing application development program in cooperation with Alibaba to assure continuous innovation and quick implementation of new technologies and products.

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