What’s Next for 5G? (and What is 6G?)

6G over a digital city

Welcome to the latest Intelligence Monthly Briefing, which focuses on what’s next for 5G, including 6G.

This is the first of a regular series of telecoms deep-dives from the Intelligence team, which will bring you up to speed on the key topics and issues affecting the industry. While 5G is still in its infancy as a commercial proposition, many are already looking further ahead and wondering what’s next.

Through discussions with industry experts and academics as well as through our own research, this briefing explores the possible next steps for 5G, the shape the next generation mobile communication technologies might take, and what they would mean for industry stakeholders. It also provides some early insight into the form 6G might take. Intelligence Monthly Briefings are a must-read for anyone with an interest in the telecoms industry, who wants to ensure they’re fully briefed on its trending and emerging issues.

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