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ZTE has the advantage to provide both EPON and GPON technologies. Really involved in
the evolution of PON technology, ZTE push the development of PON standards and mainly
on interoperability issue. The company also participated in the development of the next
generation PON technologies – 10GEPON – and has launched the first prototype last
October 2008. 10GEPON will be used to provide greater bandwidth to the final used but will be more and more used combined with VDSL2 in a FTTB architecture.

The strategy of ZTE is therefore to continue their commitment in GPON and EPON
(10GEPON) standards.

As already mentioned, ZTE is today leading FTTx market. Furthermore the fact that ZTE
won the largest share in China Unicom’s group purchase in 2009 Q2, is confirming this

Click here to read this whitepaper: world-fttx-market-idate200908

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