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Driving down the cost of deploying and operating O-RAN – RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC)

The RIC enables the optimization of RAN resources through near real-time analytic processing and provides adaption recommendations. The RAN intelligent Controller (RIC) is cloud native, and a central component of an open and virtualized RAN network. It helps operators to optimize and launch new services by allowing them to make the most of network resources. […]

ETSI ISG F5G Chair: Evolving F5G to the next level

[Shenzhen, China] Recently, Informa Tech, a well-known UK analysis and research institute, jointly held the “F5G Evolution Summit” in Shenzhen with the participation of several operators, ETSI, WBBA and Huawei. Dr. Luca Pesando, Chair of ETSI ISG F5G, ETSI board member and manager of standard at TIM, highlighted the progress made by ISG F5G during […]

Informa Tech successfully held The F5G Evolution Summit 2022

Lighting up the future of F5G evolution [China, Shenzhen, April 27, 2022] Informa Tech successfully held the“F5G Evolution Summit – Promoting Industrial Prosperity,” during the Huawei Global Analyst Summit 2022. Well-known industry organizations, standards organizations, and famous operators from around the world participated. At the summit, all parties jointly called for the evolution of F5G […]

Private cloud ecosystems open up innovation and opportunities

Stefan Bovy, Director Cloud Service Centre at Proximus; and Johan Fredriksson, VP and Head of Telecommunications, EMEA at Red Hat; discuss cloud strategy, the importance of open ecosystems, and confidential computing in public clouds. These leaders discuss cloud strategy, the critical importance of open partnerships and ecosystems, the challenges of becoming agile, and the promise […]

5G and Avionics Technologies Harmonization

Radio altimeters are designed to generate data for other safety equipment on the plane, including navigation instruments, terrain awareness, and collision-avoidance systems. These sensitive avionic devices could be susceptible to RF interference, creating concern that they might provide wrong readings or not function at all. This paper aims to provide awareness of the potential impacts […]

A Unique Cloud-native Approach to Disaggregated Assurance and Analytics

5G SA is one of the most complicated and disruptive technology turns faced by telecommunications service providers. While it brings the promise of rapid service velocity, new enterprise customer vertical opportunities, and lower OPEX and CAPEX, it introduces a myriad of new challenges. Read this white paper for insights on how operators can maintain the […]

4 advantages of container-based architecture for RAN deployments

A container-based platform can open new opportunities for service innovation and reduce costs with greater agility and shorter time to value. Read this two-pager to discover the reasons why selecting Red Hat OpenShift is beneficial for transforming your radio access network (RAN) environment. Simplify at scale with zero-touch infrastructure provisioning Increase efficiency and lower costs […]

Recipe for Success

Recipes are the foundation of the food business and for good reasons. They help chefs assure the quality of food by using proven techniques, trusted ingredients, and prior successes. Similarly, the tech industry leans on its proven leaders. However, with new types of networks being deployed, cloud computing becomes an integral part of network infrastructures. […]

Innovate for Digital Success

Telecommunications service providers connect the globe. Today, service providers face an evolving landscape of technologies, partners, and customer needs. To adapt to challenges, leading service providers are adopting cloud-native architectures and development models. 5G technologies and edge computing impact your entire business environment. Focusing on cloud strategy, network infrastructure, operations, and customer experiences will help […]

Register and Stream the F5G Evolution Summit online

Join us on 27th April for at a 2-hour dedicated event. Hear from expert speakers on F5G evolution streamed live from Shenzhen, China. Fibre and fibre-based optical networks are the key technical enablers of our society’s twin transitions (green and digital), providing sustainable and cost-effective communication with high bandwidth, stability, reliability, and improved latency. At […]

Overcoming the top 5 challenges in server-side IP ad insertion

IP video expands opportunities through targeted advertising. However, unlike traditional television, IP video is more dynamic, with numerous new devices, formats, content and services to consider. This makes offering a ‘Real TV’ advertising experience difficult. This eBook explains the top challenges in IP Video Advertising and how to avoid them. What the user should expect […]

Telco BSS: The B2B customer experience challenge: Transforming to match enterprises’ 5G ambitions

This recent Omdia report examines the challenges of transforming the customer experience to support 5G value creation. Read about the capabilities that CSP support systems need to deliver a truly seamless customer experience and help enterprises fulfill their ambitions. The report addresses these three key questions, among others: What customer experiences do business customers want […]

Advantages of 8T8R in 5G NR Sub-6 GHz Networks

5G promises all kinds of new opportunities for mobile operators to deliver enhanced capacity and end-user experience to customers to address the ever-growing demand for data. But you need to prepare the groundwork correctly, and that means making the right choice of antennas and RF paths. There are challenges to address on the road to […]

5G Private Networks for Industry 4.0 – Part 2

5G private networks bring significant benefits to manufacturers, but the road to deployment has challenges those manufacturers and their partners must overcome to ensure network coverage, connectivity, and stability. Various deployment options, stringent requirements, and the need for security make implementing a 5G private network a complex task. Overcoming these challenges requires a holistic view […]

5G Private Networks for Industry 4.0 – Part 1

5G private networks are proliferating, but the road to 5G private networks is paved with challenges. Enabling 5G private network use cases for Industry 4.0 puts significant demands on network performance. Overcoming these challenges requires a solid understanding of 5G private network use cases and their requirements. Anyone adopting a 5G private network should also […]

5G and beyond for dummies

The future of 5G is here. 5G & Beyond For Dummies, Keysight Technologies Special Edition, details the continuing evolution of 5G to new frequencies, deployments, capabilities, and business transformations. No matter if you’re a chipset/device maker, a network equipment manufacturer, or a mobile network operator, you can use this handy guide to find out what […]

Huawei Operation Transformation Press Conference 2022

Key talking points from the Huawei Operation Transformation Press Conference held at MWC 2022 in Barcelona. At MWC Huawei held a round table looking at digital transformation within the telecoms industry. In it, a panel of experts from Huawei took questions from journalists on subjects including best practice, partnerships how operators can manage their own […]

Full-fiber Broadband Service with Huawei SingleFAN Pro Solution, successfully implemented in El Salvador

[San Salvador, El Salvador] The Huawei’s SingleFAN Pro(AirPON)solution provided full-fiber broadband services for the touristic beach El Tunco. This solution utilized existing Tigo El Salvador Telecomunication wireless sites and completed the construction of fiber access network from several months to 7 days. With the end-to-end digitalization capability, excellent network services were provided for tourists and […]

Impact of 5G on CSPs Regarding Lawful Interception

5G will improve efficiencies and advance technologies that touch us all, transforming physical, monolithic networks into cloud-based ones. Throughout this evolution, Communication Service Providers (CSPs) must enhance their lawful intercept capabilities in anticipation of the new data speeds and throughput associated with 5G. In this whitepaper, we examine the challenges CSPs are facing as they […]

Building a Green and Low-Carbon Optical Network

Recently, IDATE, a well-known French analysis and research institute, jointly held the Green Optical Network Summit with carriers and equipment vendors in Barcelona. Maria Yolanda Crisanto, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Globe Telecom, a leading digital solution group, described Globe’s Net Zero strategy and a pathway to low-carbon networks by emerging green technologies. As a […]


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