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China Telecom Research Institute Completed 50G PON Prototype Test with ITU-T Next Generation PON Standard

Recently, China Telecom Research Institute successfully completed the technical test of the 50G PON prototype that supports the ITU-T standard optical power budget. The system performance fully met expectations. The 50G PON prototype uses the wavelengths specified in ITU-T G.9804.3 (officially released in 2021) and supports upstream and downstream line rates of 50 Gbps and […]

Next-Generation PON Technology Drives Gigabit Optical Network Evolution

At the OptiNet China Conference 2022 China held in Beijing, Zhang Dechao, Deputy Director of the Basic Network Technology Research Institute of China Mobile, delivered a keynote speech titled “Next-Generation PON Technology Drives Gigabit Optical Network Evolution”. Zhang Dechao said that under the strategic background of accelerating new infrastructure construction in the 14th Five-Year Plan […]

Beyond 10Gb/s, the next step will be 50G-PON

Frank Effenberger Rapporteur, ITU-T Q2/15 – Optical Systems for Fiber Access Networks Fellow IEEE, OSA, and Futurewei One of the most remarkable trends in optical network in recent years has been the rapid replacement of copper access with fiber. The vast majority of these new fiber optic access networks are built using passive optical network […]

Security and NUAR

‘NUAR: a system built with security at it’s heart’. Read here about how security best practice is central to the NUAR platform design and build.

The steps needed to unlock 5G Standalone’s future

While 5G Non-standalone connections are continuing to grow, with recent projections claiming that the number will reach 1.2 billion by the end of the year, more work needs to be done to really deliver on the potential of the technology. Non-standalone (NSA) networks have allowed for the rapid rollout of 5G with comparatively few complications […]

Evolving 5G Security for the Cloud

As 5G networks and cloud computing become increasingly intertwined, 5G security continues to progress with new technical features to face the expanded attack surfaces from both internal and external threats. Download this 5G Americas white paper, “Evolving 5G Security for the Cloud,” that covers security threats, vulnerabilities, and mitigations for deployments of 5G cloud infrastructures […]

Open RAN in 2022: Enabling a Continuous Flow of Innovation

What is the state of the Open RAN ecosystem? Download the report from RCR Wireless to learn the top 5 Open RAN considerations for operators today and why it’s time to leverage the capabilities of virtualized, open, multi-vendor solutions to deliver network innovation. What is the state of the Open RAN ecosystem? Learn the top […]

Operators Embrace Virtualised, Open Networks with Agile Automation to Meet Future Demands

GSMA’s Mobile World Live Operator survey report, commissioned by Mavenir, confirms 98 percent of MNOs on a path to open network architecture. Virtualised, automated mobile networks that leverage open architectures and cloud technologies are clearly the path forward for forward-thinking operators. In this recent survey, Mobile World Live asked executives from global network operators about […]

Fiber Development Index Analysis: 2022

The Fiber Development Index (FDI) tracks and benchmarks fiber development across 88 countries. Fiber investment is vital to the quality delivery of all data services and, therefore, merits thorough contextual analysis.

Can New PON Architectures Help Networks Close the Digital Gap?

For years, rolling out advanced broadband services in rural markets has been challenging due to the unique dynamics of these environments. Service providers have found it difficult to justify the financial investments it takes to construct next-gen networks in areas where subscriber density is low and revenue opportunity can be less than it is in […]

Top 5 BSS Requirements for a Connected Future

Stakeholders in the ICT world envision a highly Connected Future where zero-touch automation is accessible to manage and control integrated services, devices, and networks dynamically. CSPs need a Digital BSS that: Supports a variety of novel, sophisticated functions, Helps monetize complex, multicomponent, and dynamic services, Offers a more connected customer experience and satisfies new B2B […]

The OmniChannel Project of Turk Telekom

Digital Transformation is always a complex process, but it is especially a challenge for large incumbent telcos, with several divisions working separately, using legacy systems. In most cases it takes several project phases until the whole operation is transformed. Check out our case study, and see how Turk Telekom changed the way they operate: With […]

How To Make the Most of Your Digital Transformation?

The success of a Digital Transformation project will determine future operation and business opportunities of a company, therefore strategic planning is vital. Transformation itself is a constant journey, where the software itself is only a part of the process; you’ll also need different business approaches and a new mindset. In our report, discover how you […]

Bringing Mobile VPN Innovation To Traditional Networks

Remote work and long-distance learning represent global trends with significant implications for accessibility, network reliability and user experience. Urban and rural communities as well depend on highly accessible networks to speed connectivity for public resources, from health care to social services. Both accessible and convenient, mobile VPN networks enable seamless switching between public and private […]

Innovation and flexibility in an open design approach to Cloud RAN and access networks

New technology and design approaches to the radio access network (RAN) allow the base station hardware to be decoupled from its software. This decoupling allows the software to be virtualized, meaning that service providers can deploy a cloud-based or virtual (vRAN), as well as consider an open approach to their RAN architecture. These new approaches […]

Open vRAN in prime time pathfinder report

The technologies available in telecommunications have undergone significant transformation in the past decade, particularly in the area of radio access networks (RANs). This shift, along with a maturing vendor ecosystem and increasing competition, has driven many operators to advance RAN transformation efforts. In search of greater density, infrastructure agility, and operational efficiency, telecom operators are […]


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