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6 Steps to Simplify Service

Is it time to simplify your customer service? Telecom companies have spent years waiting for the right solutions to emerge, and now they’re here. In our new 6 Steps to Simplifying service eBook, you’ll learn: How new service capabilities can help transform your relationships with customers How to simplify the customer journey, no matter the […]

Re-shaping wind load performance for base station antennas

With tower space at a premium and some of the infrastructure reaching full capacity, the need for enhanced wind load performance antennas is growing more critically important. CommScope’s redesigned base station antennas are engineered to be even more aerodynamically efficient in reducing the total wind load imparted on a cellular tower or comparable mounting structure. […]

Conceptualizing Security in a 6G World

The advent of 6G wireless communications is still about a decade away. Nonetheless, initial discussion around emerging technologies and potential applications for this next generation has already begun. As with any new technologies, new threats will emerge that need to be addressed, in addition to any existing threats that will be carried over from past […]

Building Britain’s 5G future

The world faces an ever-growing demand for data. By the end of 2023, total mobile data traffic is expected to increase almost eightfold, while other projections show it will likely account for 20% of total Internet traffic by 2021 – to make this a reality 5G is needed. Download this interactive report to discover: The […]

Balancing investment and innovation in the race for 5G

Being an innovator commands a level of distinction capable of positioning businesses ahead of the competition, in turn delivering market share and growth as customers seek to be early adopters. The case is no different with the implementation of next generation connectivity. Public attention surrounding 5G is rife, and MNOs are under pressure to ensure […]

Imagine a world where your OSS/BSS expands your business

With rapid developments in 5G and a changing telco landscape, communication service providers (CSPs) face several challenges. Evolving to be a digital service provider requires a complete transformation of legacy operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS). In this guide, we show you why and how transforming your OSS/BSS can result in greater […]

An IT executive’s guide to automation

Organizations face unprecedented pressure to deliver services more quickly and securely than ever before. IT plays a crucial role in meeting these demands, but it can be a blocker if it can’t keep up with demand or scale as needed. Automation software can extend your workforce to help you do more with what you have. […]

Moving to cloud-native development

Applications differentiate businesses, providing the gateway to new services, revenue streams, and market expansion. What limits development speed is often more than old code—it is outdated infrastructure, development practices, and procedures. Releases happen infrequently, require significant manual effort, and testing may not be adequate. Cloud-native development can help organizations deliver innovative applications faster. In this […]

The Power of Differentiation: Building broadband for 2021 and beyond

The last few months have ushered a digital acceleration on an unprecedented scale and scope, and there is a prevailing sense that many of these new trends are sustainable over the long term. Service providers have added a significant amount of capacity to meet the sudden spikes in demand. However, the demands on their networks […]

Enterprise Messaging: Four Operator Strategies To Improve Monetisation

Application-to-person (A2P) messaging has established itself as a critical business tool, and operators are experiencing significant growth in this line of business. An increasing number of enterprises are recognising the importance of SMS in their omnichannel strategies on account of its ubiquity and reach, and this rise in A2P messaging offers revenue potential for mobile […]

The Road to Digital – Telco Insight Summary Report

Everything is being done online like never before. Telcos have been keeping the whole world connected and to do this better they have started to adapt their own business models to digital-first. Where are they in this journey? What decisions have they already made? Are they investing more? Do they have digitalization strategies in place? […]

Impact of 5G on Location Accuracy & Lawful Interception

Through a combination of new 5G networks, sensor technologies and the associated 3GPP requirements, there are significant device positioning improvements expected. The sheer speed and bandwidth of 5G will allow location data to be captured and handed off in real time. Additionally, new sensor technologies and positioning methods will increase location accuracy and precision. The […]

Glotel Awards 2020 eBook

2020 has been a year of unprecedented challenges, but the telecoms industry led by example in keeping the world connected and continuing to push forward regardless. The 2020 Glotel Awards reflected that, once more receiving hundreds of entries of an impressively high standard. While we weren’t able to celebrate the winners in person this year, […]

5G interactivity test

Learn how to simultaneously measure the fundamental performance characteristics of 5G mobile networks. To understand the ability of a 5G network slice to support a particular use case such as Industry 4.0 or Augmented Reality, it is necessary to measure the key performance parameters of throughput, latency and continuity. Download the free interactivity test white […]

Simplify your voice traffic and provide guaranteed quality of service with BICS

Driven by volatile rates, billing complexities and the challenges of working with multiple suppliers, managing the international voice business is harder than ever before. To streamline operations, while ensuring customers high quality service, operators need to work with an experienced global telecom provider. With over twenty years of experience and 700+ connections with mobile operators […]

Swiss Service Provider cuts time to market by 75% with agile and Red Hat

Sunrise Communications, a Swiss provider of telecommunications and internet services, sought to enhance its focus on innovative digital services with a faster, more responsive development approach. Read this case study to find out how the company (using Red Hat® OpenShift®, supported by Red Hat Runtimes): Created a container- and microservices-based infrastructure Achieved >75% reduction in service […]

Are public clouds right for telecommunications service providers?

Telecommunications service providers are increasingly becoming digital service providers. Now they must consider whether and when they should build out and manage the infrastructures that support new applications and services as private clouds or on public clouds. Read this whitepaper to learn: The relative advantages of private and public cloud environments using key decisions such […]

Network automation for everyone

Network management has remained largely the same for decades despite substantial change in network technologies. Traditional approaches cannot keep up with rapidly-evolving developer needs and application requirements, so more organizations are implementing automation into network services management. Automating network management provides more control and visibility into network resources. Download this e-book and you will learn […]

5G Timing and Synchronization Handbook

Synchronization is one of the most critical functions of a communication system; however, in the context of 5G, especially for Time Division Duplex (TDD) where both uplink and downlink transmission is on the same frequency, the possibility of interference is much more significant. As a result, we see more stringent requirements for timing and synchronization […]

5G Fronthaul Handbook

5G technology is touted as an innovation platform that will enhance our connected world. To deliver on this promise, 5G will demand the network supporting it to be as flexible as the services running on it. The following high-level 5G uses cases are well understood and documented by the wireless industry: • Enhanced Mobile Broadband […]


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