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Telefónica Colombia enhances digital service experience with Red Hat technology

Telefónica Colombia, the largest telecommunications service provider in Colombia, is on a mission to improve the speed and cost of delivering digital services. In particular, it is focused on offering a relevant and responsive experience at scale to users of its Mi Movistar application. A key part of this strategy was migrating from Oracle technology […]

5G network and service strategies operator survey

The 5G Network Strategies Operator Survey 2022 explores how multi-access edge compute (MEC) deployments are accelerating as operators look to build roadmaps that emphasize support for new applications. Currently, this is focused largely in the manufacturing and healthcare sectors. However, survey respondents predict a rapid uptick over the next 24 months in the deployment of […]

Modernizing application infrastructure for 5G

5G is bringing in a new era of telecoms, offering high speeds, low latency, and new application delivery models. But communications service providers (CSPs) must modernize their infrastructure to fully realize 5G’s benefits and keep pace with competitors. Everything from edge and core networks to operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) is […]

5G telecom market landscape

Read how interest in 5G and other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing is being seen to adapt economies and societies to the new normal. The report also outlines how communication service provider (CSP) demand for 5G will remain strong as they accelerate their 5G deployments due to ongoing pressures for […]

Multicast Adaptive Bitrate (MABR)— Ready for the IP Unicast Challenge?

As subscribers’ demand for non-stop video content grows, Pay TV providers have turned to Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming to deliver programming over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Though unicast ABR supports delivery to devices such as tablets, phones and laptops, unicast ABR consume significantly more bandwidth for each incremental video stream viewed. This can choke video […]

Huawei: ICT Energy Efficiency Top Priority

Increasing ICT energy efficiency is vital. Without it, digital transformation strategies will flounder. Not only will power consumption soar as carriers’ networks handle exponential growth in data volumes — driving energy bills ever higher — but international targets to reduce carbon emissions will be missed. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), ICT industry must […]

QCT 5G OmniPOD solutions for outdoor and multi-sites private 5G scenarios

Sponsored by Enterprises increasingly understand the potential applications and benefits of 5G. Their requirements are becoming clearer and the number and complexity of private 5G projects increase, expanding from indoor scenarios to outdoor scenarios and from single-site to multi-site deployments. This report presents Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) 5G OmniPOD solutions powered by Intel®, and how […]

How the National Underground Asset Register (NUAR) will save telecoms time and money

Hear from Senior Executives on how they have worked with the UK government to develop the National Underground Asset Register and how it will benefit telecom operators. This new platform, being built by the Geospatial Commission, will bring faster, more efficient and more cost-effective roll-out of infrastructure. NUAR will mean: Fewer outages and improved customer […]

The Promise of IP + Optical Networks

According to Ian Redpath, Research Director at Omdia, the 400G Era IPoWDM has been designed a very specific cloud SP application with many design trade-offs. IP+Optical provides a more complete solution with a rich set of client side and line side options with OTN support. IP+Optical continues to deliver enduring value for CSPs. For detailed […]

Time for All-Optical ADN

[Barcelona, Spain, June 21 to 23] The 9th Huawei Optical Innovation Forum and 2022 NGON Forum were held on site. Huawei works with global carriers and industry partners to discuss the plan and vision for the optical network ecosystem, share business success and latest industry trends, and showcase the technological innovations of optical products and […]

The Transformational Journey to a Modular FTTH Connectivity Ecosystem

Solving today’s FTTH challenges with an eye on the future by anticipating industry evolution and needs, requires thinking differently and taking a completely new approach to product design. Modular design, a proven methodology in other industries with similar challenges required to create a new end-to-end operational framework from R&D, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Field Applications Engineering […]

There’s More Inside Your Splice Closure than You Think

As fibre is being pushed deeper into the OSP network and technologies grow more sensitive to performance-eroding contamination, the variety of sealing technologies used to protect the fibres inside the closures have evolved. Until very recently, there were three main types of seals: heat shrink, rubber seals (grommets) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gel. Recently, the […]

A comprehensive guide to next-gen PON decisions

This eBook explores top considerations for service providers that are planning next-generation PON deployments, focusing on the capital and operational decisions that can help create a foundation for future-ready network architectures. Many of these considerations favour an open, disaggregated, software-defined PON network as the key to unlocking the benefits of hardware savings, operational efficiency, and […]

Huawei Wins the “Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” Award at the NGON WDM Forum 2022

[Barcelona, Spain, June 22, 2022] At the Next Generation Optical Networking (NGON 2022) held in Barcelona, Spain, Huawei stood out from many vendors to win the “Best New Gamechanger or Innovation” award in the optical field. The award recognizes equipment vendors’ efforts to continuously innovate in the optical transport field by providing a comprehensive range […]

Huawei and China Mobile Research Institute Jointly Launch the Industry’s First Super C120+L120 Single-Fiber Ultra-wide Spectrum OTN Solution

Recently, Huawei officially released the industry’s first Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum OTN solution. This solution makes a historic breakthrough in the field of ultra-large single-fiber optical transmission. The E2E Super C120+L120 ultra-wide spectrum solution consists of optical amplifiers, WSS modules, and optical transport units. This sophisticated solution uses the new erbium-doped fiber (EDF), special L120 […]

Huawei Continues to Lead the Global Home Network Market in Commercialization and Innovation

Recently, Omdia, a global technology research powerhouse, released the 1Q22 Fiber and Copper Access Equipment Market Share Report. According to the report, Huawei’s home optical network terminals (ONTs) continued to rank No. 1 in global ONT/ONU revenue, and it has the highest number of shipment units in 1Q22. Through continuous investment in technological innovation, Huawei […]

IPv6 Enhanced Innovation Accelerate Digital Transformation — Latest IPv6 Event Held in Asia Pacific

On June 1, 2022, the IPv6 Summit themed “IPv6 Enhanced Innovation Accelerate Digital Transformation” was successfully hosted by Informa Tech during Asia Tech x Singapore at the Singapore Expo Convention and Exhibition Centre. Thought leaders from seven leading organizations — Informa Tech, Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC), European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), IPv6 Forum […]


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