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To 5G with O-RAN

The diverse requirements of 5G and the different business models enabled by 5G provide new opportunities in the market. Further opportunities can be found through adoption of O-RAN technology. This white paper sheds light on the different aspects by giving a high-level view on the following: 5G architecture 5G New Radio (NR) air interface, also […]

Network Performance Score (NPS)

The Network Performance Score (NPS)… is an ETSI-ratified methodology characterizes overall network performance in a single, transparent and – QoE-centric metric compares the quality of mobile networks within a market and globally for the purposes of benchmarking and optimization campaigns. Download this white paper to learn how the NPS integrates voice and data KPIs to […]

Own 5G. Own the Edge.

by Brian Lavallée, Sr. Director of Solutions Marketing, Ciena 5G has quickly gone from hype to reality with live commercial deployments taking place worldwide. How can network operators best compete in this hyper-competitive market to help them own the edge? By taking an adaptive approach to designing best-in-breed 5G networks that are open by design, […]

Planning today for the networks – and revenue opportunities – of tomorrow

How well operators plan their 5G network rollouts today has a direct impact on profitability in the future, and yet revenue increasingly comes from new, often untested services and business models. There’s no room for waste; the increasing configurability and density of modern networks means that CAPEX allocation must be highly precise, based on accurate […]

Cloud-Accessible Lab-Based Open RAN Solutions

With over 85% of NEMs using VIAVI RANtoCoreTM solutions for gNB development, VIAVI uniquely offers market-leading 5G and Open RAN test solutions for conformance, performance, and interoperability of O-RU, O-CU, O-DU, RIC and Core elements. VIAVI solutions can be deployed in both public and private clouds to enable customers to improve return on investment, utilization, […]

Open RAN Radio Verification

Open RAN sets out to deliver well-defined specifications to the industry with the goal of enabling open RAN based programmable networks consisting of fully disaggregated modular open RAN network functions. These networks are designed to be multi-vendor and interoperable over open interfaces, running on cloud-based virtual systems. Why is the VIAVI OneAdvisor 800 the ideal […]

Test Suite for O-RAN Specifications

Operators and equipment manufacturers worldwide are adopting O-RAN to reduce the costs of deploying the infrastructure and to lower the barrier to entry for new product innovation. Having the right test and network management strategy can help overcome the challenges that come with the test and integration. Discover in this application note: What is O-RAN […]

Child Abduction & Trafficking: How Technology is Used to Target the Innocent

With more and more children having access to smartphones and computers, predators and human traffickers have a better chance to reach them. And with the Internet, that reach has quickly become global. This whitepaper looks into the technology leveraged to groom potential victims, but then also solve missing, runaway, and trafficked children cases. Online enticement […]

Video: Developing an ecosystem for vRAN

Moving to a virtual RAN solution can help mobile operators prepare for future innovation and growth. This will allow them to: Smoothly develop new applications and services Leverage third-party cloud-native applications Upgrade and scale to meet their increasing user demand But what is the market opportunity for vRAN, and how exactly should telcos proceed? Find […]

5G Network Performance and Visibility

NETSCOUT’s industry-proven service assurance, security and big data solutions, fueled by Smart Data, can be leveraged by CSPs for all critical phases of the 5G life cycle; which include prelaunch, launch and operations. Innovation is not a new concept. In fact, mankind has been innovating for as long as we have walked the face of […]

3 key considerations for virtual radio access network growth

Virtualization and disaggregation technologies enable radio access networks (RANs) to benefit from faster innovation, improved performance, and reduced total cost of ownership. Read this brief to learn more about 3 key design considerations for a successful virtual RAN (vRAN) implementation with long term sustainable advantages. Partner ecosystem and supplier diversity Horizontal cloud security Cloud-native automation

An architect’s guide to multicloud infrastructure

Change is constant and inevitable. As IT organizations set their sights on more flexible infrastructure to adapt and respond to new opportunities, enterprise architects will play an important role in building future-ready infrastructure. This e-book covers the key components, benefits, and tradeoffs of an open hybrid cloud approach, to help enterprise architects build the right […]

Are public clouds right for telecommunications service providers?

Telecommunications service providers are increasingly becoming digital service providers. Now they must consider whether and when they should build out and manage the infrastructures that support new applications and services as private clouds or on public clouds. This whitepaper: Compares the relative advantages of private and public cloud environments using key decisions such as partnership […]

Boost hybrid cloud security

Effective hybrid cloud security requires a holistic approach that incorporates people, processes, and technologies. Simply deploying security products is not enough to protect your business. Take the mystery out of cloud-native security and begin your journey today In this eBook, you will learn: How to create a security-focused strategy for your open source technologies How […]

Build a modern foundation for RAN

Transforming networks with cloud-native and containerized technologies can help optimize operations, improve scalability, and increase flexibility. Red Hat and Intel offer a modern, integrated, validated radio access network (RAN) foundation to help you take advantage of digital business opportunities. Learn how Red Hat and Intel are helping digital service providers: Deploy a flexible, integrated RAN […]

Telekom Srbija CEO Q&A periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry’s most pressing issues. In this Q&A Vladimir Lučić, Chief Executive Officer of Telekom Srbija, discusses their plan for 2022. Please tell us a few words about Telekom Srbija and its vision and mission? Telekom Srbija is Serbia’s largest telecommunications and multimedia provider […]

Private Wireless Market Opportunity Report from Dell’Oro and VIAVI Solutions

The concept of utilizing private cellular networks—also known as non-public networks (NPNs)—for the sole use of a private entity, such as an enterprise or government, is far from new. In fact, the industry has gone through various private enterprise hype cycles over the past decade. And while there are already thousands of commercial private networks […]

Red Hat OpenShift 4 Migration: Modernizing your cloud platform

So you’re still using Red Hat OpenShift 3 in your production environment, and everything is running smoothly. “Why should I update to Red Hat OpenShift 4? Version 3 works just fine,” you might say. Maintenance Support for Red Hat OpenShift 3.11 ends June 2022, followed by a final two-year end-of-life phase. You might not be sure […]

Practical Solution for Campus 5G Enterprise Transformation

Sponsored by The rise of campus 5G networks in Germany has been driven by the country’s Industry 4.0 initiative—which sees data, digitization, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies as key elements for the transformation and competitiveness of German industries—and by the regulator making available 100MHz of prime 3.7–3.8GHz spectrum for the enterprise. The presence of […]

Using AIOps solutions in the telecoms industry: a market assessment

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) is helping shape automations and transformations across the telecoms sector, combining big data with machine learning (ML) to support the automation of key operations. AIOps has reached an advanced stage of development in network assurance functions, including event correlation and analysis, anomaly detection, root cause analysis (RCA), alert prioritisation, […]


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