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Reducing the threats to telecom networks

Security concerns for CSPs are not new and they have long protected themselves against breaches. But with the attack surface expanding, it’s not enough to port over the principles of threat management from the IT world. The IT and telecom domains are very different, and the strategies must be as well. Read our article to […]

New normal. New possible. 5 smart tips to help CSPs thrive in a low touch world

The initial trauma and ripple effects of COVID-19 are altering business and personal lives in dramatic ways around the world.  The telecommunications industry is fortunate to provide a veritable lifeline to business and to people in these difficult times, and the reliance on telecommunications has strained, but not broken, the infrastructure. However, pundits are speculating […]

Secure your roaming business and protect subscriber data with a carrier-grade service from BICS

IPX fraud represents a key source of revenue loss for mobile operators. The latest threats exploit international connections between modern ultra-connected networks where multiple generations of technology co-exist, combined with inadequate security mechanisms built into signalling protocols. Apart from revenue loss, IPX fraud also impacts operators through reputational damage, customer loss, extra pressure placed on […]

Cloud-native meets hybrid cloud strategy guide

Cloud-native application development can help maintain reliable systems and meet increasing user expectations across multiple infrastructures. But how do organizations get started? How do teams design and implement a strategy that’s specific to their current situations and needs? This e-book presents enterprise architects and IT leaders with a step-by-step guide for how to tackle modern IT strategy. This […]

Turning Copper to Gold with Intelligent Switching

Today’s fixed-line telco networks are undergoing a constant infrastructure evolution. Operators are under increasing pressure to balance customer demand for more bandwidth and faster services with their own need for accelerated deployment and greater cost-efficiencies. As operators continue to push fiber deeper into their access networks and closer to the customer, cost is not the […]

How to Validate O-RAN Specifications

As operators and equipment manufacturers worldwide begin adopting O-RAN methodology it will become ever more important to have a robust and efficient test environment. This white paper provides an overview of O-RAN, descriptions of use cases, and instrument and system recommendations to be able to validate correct operation in the lab, field deployments and service […]

Maximizing E-band potential with dual band antennas

When building the networks of the future, you need to solve the challenges of strained capacity and backhaul in geographically challenged areas. Dual band microwave backhaul antennas can help you address this problem. These antennas are: Cost-effective Increase capacity Capable of accelerating 5G deployment Discover how dual band antennas can help maximize your E-band potential […]

The anatomy of a 5G network that can’t fail

5G holds a great deal of promise, but as with any new undertaking, there are a lot of risks and unknowns. What was acceptable on 3G networks became unacceptable by 4G standards, and the same will be true of 5G. It is, after all, human nature to want and expect more. But when the consequences […]

How to Create New Revenue Streams with Location Intelligence data

Knowing the location of subscribers and what they are doing with their devices is of great importance to mobile operators. This information is critical for managing and optimizing networks, but has even more value in the additional revenue it can provide as operators bridge the gap between the digital and physical lives of subscribers for […]

Impact of 5G on CSPs regarding lawful interception

5G will improve efficiencies and advance technologies that will touch us all. It will transform physical, monolithic networks into cloud based ones and though out the transformation, Communication Service Providers need to not only maintain their lawful intercept capabilities, they also need to enhance them to support new data speeds and throughput associated with 5G. […]

The Digital BSS Dividend: Unlocking 30pc EBIT Rise for Enterprise Services

By digitising their business support systems (BSS), operators can address declining revenue growth in the enterprise segment and increase their EBIT, potentially by as much as 34%. This report, commissioned by MDS Global and written by STL Partners, outlines the quantifiable benefits that operators could achieve by digitising their BSS systems, focusing on the following […]

Network Convergence eBook

Ongoing digital transformation like 5G and IoT are driving network evolution. Wireless and wireline networks are merging in unprecedented ways, with significant consequences for design and operation. Ensure you have the required flexibility and capacity in place – quickly, efficiently, and without overspending! This eBook will explore some of the details of convergence as an […]

5G and Wi-Fi: Charting a path towards superior indoor connectivity

Having entered the market at a similar time, the two latest wireless standards 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6, both address the acute need for advanced connectivity. Each one boosts the bandwidth and capacity for both today’s and tomorrow’s networks, and both are faster than their predecessors (4G/LTE and Wi-Fi 5), more energy-efficient, and capable of […]

How Wi-Fi slicing can solve the broadband experience

Domos Wi-Fi Slicing is a machine learning technology that makes Wi-Fi networks application-aware. With Wi-Fi Slicing, the network can adapt dynamically to each application and each user requirement. Domos trains the machine learning algorithms and licenses them to partners that deploy on regular Wi-Fi router/gateways. After deployment, the algorithms can run autonomously on the gateway, […]

Protecting operator revenues with proactive fraud prevention

International telecom fraud is a skeleton in the closet for mobile operators worldwide, resulting in significant revenue losses and reputational damage. Fraud attacks on international voice and roaming traffic often take place using sophisticated techniques on the home network or while roaming, making detection almost impossible. This use case looks at how mobile operators can […]

Why is dynamic NF placement essential for successful 5G?

New research by AvidThink sponsored by Amdocs, explores the drivers and challenges of dynamic network functions (NF) placement and proposes a pragmatic three-phase approach for the service provider journey to autonomous NF placement. NF placement optimization in a dynamically-changing mobile network environment is challenging. It’s even more complex for 5G, given the need to guarantee […]

EMF measurements in 5G networks

How do you measure electromagnetic pollution from mobile networks? The deployment of 5G and associated new technologies such as beamforming and millimetre wave have raised health concerns among the population and government organizations. Electromagnetic field (EMF) measurements are becoming essential to ensure that the total radiated power and electromagnetic pollution is below a certain threshold. […]

Beamformers Explained

Beamforming antennas are an essential tool for mobile operators as they build out their networks for capacity and 5G NR. For radio planners tasked with developing 5G and capacity build-out strategies, it is critical to have a full understanding of beamforming antenna capabilities, including the variations and appropriate use cases for each type. Without this […]

Smart Manufacturing and how to get started

This report focuses on connectivity as the foundation of Industry 4.0 and hones in on return on investment (ROI) and cost of inaction(COI) for Industry 4.0 implementation in factories and warehouses. It also helps to provide more depth on five specific use cases for manufacturing: mobile robots, condition-based monitoring, asset tracking, augmented reality, and provisioning […]

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