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New technologies and ecosystem expedite the deployment of LTE/5G private wireless networks

This article is sponsored by Amdocs As the need for higher performance, reliability and data security continues to intensify for business communications and applications, enterprises are seeking new options for wireless connectivity that provide solutions that help overcome the limitations of their current networks and address future needs. LTE/5G private wireless networks play a crucial […]

Huawei Launches All-scenario Intelligent Connectivity Solutions

October 14, 2020, the UN Broadband Commission and Huawei held the sixth Ultra-Broadband Forum (UBBF 2020) online in Beijing. With the theme of “Intelligent Connectivity, New Value Together”, this year’s UBBF discussed the challenges and opportunities facing the connectivity industry in the intelligent era.

Why do so many great brands lose new customers at the first hurdle?

This Vendor View is sponsored by Anyline Why do so many great brands lose new customers at the first hurdle? They say you should never judge a book by its cover. But in our age of instant everything, first impressions have never mattered more. When it comes to choosing a new telecom provider, most consumers […]

Network-as-a-Service: Creating values for all parties

With COVID-19 forcing the majority of staff in many companies to work remotely for months on end, there is huge pressure on IT and network professionals to assure all corporate business and collaboration applications run as they should to meet employee and customer needs and expectations. Embracing digital innovation and leveraging cloud capabilities has become even more critical to address today’s new business demands.
Enterprises are looking to shore up the game by equipping themselves with intelligent, secure and more reliable network connections that meets their requirements. SD-WAN (“software-defined wide area network”) is the leading solution nowadays for this. While enterprises could choose to build their own SD-WAN by combining equipment, software and access technology by themselves, a growing number of organizations are turning to a more flexible and efficient solution: to buy the service from communications service providers (CSPs) as a “network as a service” (NaaS) solution.

Dynamic network functions placement, an essential capability for successful 5G?

This Vendor View is sponsored by Amdocs SUMMARY Recent research by AvidThink (leading independent research and analysis firm for infrastructure technologies) explores the challenges of homing and network functions (NF) placement, recommending a three-phase approach that will lead service providers on a step-wise journey to autonomous NF placement. Today’s NF placement orchestration capabilities typically address […]

Safeguarding operator networks against sophisticated international threats

What is the cost of telecoms fraud? €29 billion a year, according to Europol, representing one of the largest sources of lost revenues for operators. From the direct cost of traditional wholesale fraud and indirect costs associated with damaged reputations and regulatory oversight to hindering enterprise segment revenues, telecoms fraud is an issue that has […]

IPv6 Enhanced Innovation, Embracing the IP Future in 5G & Cloud Era

On June 16th, Light Reading organized a webinar endorsed by IPv6 Forum, ETSI and EANTC, on “IPv6 Enhanced Innovation: Embracing the IP Future in 5G & Cloud Era”. More than 200 experts from standards organization, operators, vendors, government, university and research institutions registered and attended the webinar. Speakers shared experience in deploying IPv6 in Europe, benefits, challenge and related standardization progresses and business practices.

Why agility will be at the heart of 5G monetisation

This article is sponsored by Openet As the 5G digital services race begins, we now find communication service providers (CSPs) at various stages of planning, designing or deploying new infrastructure. The range of potential 5G use cases are huge. Everything from gaming to smart factories to VR-based entertainment. Unlike in the 4G era, the operators […]

Let’s Talk Privacy with CUJO AI

Marcio Avillez, CUJO AI’s SVP of Business Development, answered a few questions about privacy, third-party trackers and consumers’ concerns.

Ericsson’s 2020 African growth plans

President of Ericsson Middle East and Africa, Fadi Pharaon, tells about the group’s strategy for growth on the African continent.

China Unicom and ZTE Made Spectrum-Sharing Breakthrough Using SuperDSS

Recently, China Unicom and ZTE enabled SuperDSS, the industry’s first Tri-RAT dynamic spectrum sharing solution, in China Unicom Henan Branch live network, which implements fast 5G deployment and legacy 3G service guarantee simultaneously. The test result shows average 35% throughput improvement within same bandwidth comparing with LTE/NR DSS while maintaining legacy 3G voice experience, greatly improving spectrum utilization efficiency.

A practitioners’ guide to accelerate 5G for business in 2020

2020 is a formational year when it comes to 5G for Enterprises. Leading players across multiple industries were at the ready to engage in finalizing strategies and transitioning into strategy execution. However, the COVID-19 virus outbreak suddenly halted the options for face-to-face engagements to discuss technical, operational and business capabilities. To support you we have […]

IPv6+: Defining the Next Generation of the IP Industry

On April 15th, OMDIA, IPv6 Forum, and Huawei jointly held the webinar “Transform your IP network for the 5G and cloud era”. More than 200 experts from operators, vendors, research institutions, and international standards organization registered and participated in the webinar. Dr. Latif Ladid, Founder&President of the IPv6 Forum and Chairman of the ETSI IP6 Group, shared the latest innovation from IPv6 to IPv6+ and how to better guarantee new services such as autonomous driving, industrial automation, and VR/AR in 5G and cloud era.

Innovating to Unleash the Value of Fixed Networks in the 5G Era

Last year saw an explosive growth of Fixed Broadband (FBB) and Mobile Broadband (MBB) networks as well as the volume deployment of gigabit access. The compound annual growth rate of the 10G PON market will exceed 30 percent in the next five years and more than 70 countries worldwide have started or are planning 5G rollouts. Judging from the broadband initiatives of different countries, the business strategies of operators, and the competitive landscape, an era of dual-gigabit speeds based on FBB and MBB has arrived and the two access technologies will coexist for a long time. FBB and MBB will work together to further accelerate technical innovation and network transformation.

Build optical cross-connect (OXC) transport networks with the lowest per-bit cost

The acceleration of 5G application, rapid development of video services, increasing demands for quality, and longer video viewing times lead to sharp traffic increases. Ovum predicts that global mobile broadband (MBB) and fixed broadband (FBB) traffic will reach approximately 3,000,000 PB in 2023, roughly triple 2019’s traffic. This brings great changes and challenges to transport networks.

Securing your connected home is great, protecting your identity is essential

This Vendor View is sponsored by F-Secure An operator customer buys a smart security camera to monitor her home. Savvy about the dangers of IoT devices, she connects the camera to her home WiFi network, which is protected with her broadband provider’s smart home security value added solution. So far, so good. Her camera is now protected from malicious traffic. But that’s not necessarily the end of the story. It’s well […]

All-Optical Network Strategy and Coordinated Planning Are the Cornerstone for Building Full-Service Target Networks

“Even perfect tactics cannot make up for a lack of strategy.” What is strategy? Strategy is a methodology of continuously maintaining an enterprise’s competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities, with medium- and long-term business value as the goal. What is coordinated planning? The business departments of operators are assigned with different responsibilities based on 2B, 2C, […]

Cloud Native for Telco: Making IT Technology Feasible at the Network Edge

This article is sponsored by Wind River What Is Cloud Native? The best-articulated and industry-accepted definition of cloud native comes from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) which defines the term as follows: Cloud native computing uses an open source software stack to deploy applications as microservices, packaging each part into its own container, and […]


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