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The Podcast: BT, Huawei and vRAN

Scott, Iain and Pierre get some rare quality time together on this week’s guest-free pod. Inevitably the preamble is somewhat protracted but they eventually get on to reviewing the latest news surrounding BT, including some recent media coverage that landed its CEO in hot water. They move on to discuss the implications of a ban in Chinese 5G kit in Germany before concluding with a look at the competitive implications of the vRAN movement.

Qualcomm announces Qualcomm Aware: an industrial intelligence solution

Scott Bicheno speaks with Roberto Di Pietro about the comprehensive new Qualcomm Aware platform. Qualcomm Aware is an innovative IoT platform that combines industry-leading chips, expansive ecosystem, and API-first, developer-friendly tools to digitally transform industries with real-time intelligence and visibility solutions.

How telcos are humanizing digital customer experiences in 2023 and beyond

At Mobile World Congress 2023 we spoke to Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree, and Priya Thakoor, SVP of Digital and Product at Airtel Africa. Our conversation covered various uses of AI, including customer service, as well as use-cases across a number of industries. We also explored importance of digital empowerment in emerging markets.

Unlock the full value of 5G with VIAVI

Sameh Yamany, Chief Technology Officer at VIAVI Solutions, introduces the company’s Lab to Live test and optimization solutions across Fiber, 5G and Cloud at MWC Barcelona 2023.

Airspan discusses its strategy to lead the Private Network market

Join us with Abel Mayal, SVP Technology and Marketing at Airspan, at MWC 2023, where we discussed Airspan’s strategy to lead the Private Network market with its 4G/5G RAN solution. We cover partners, strategy, verticals, and even a quick sneak peek of the new FWA product launch.

The Podcast: Ericsson, MWC and 5G monetisation

The podders are delighted to welcome a special guest from Ericsson for the second straight week, an event commemorated by some laboured analogies from Scott. Christian Leon heads up the networks business in Europe and Latin America, so is a great person to discuss the current state of 5G, especially when it comes to monetisation. That leads naturally onto topics such as MWC, 5G hype, network exposure, and millimetre wave.

Rethink telecom customer support with Subtonomy

Subtonomy CEO, Andreas Jörbeck shares the most important key takeaways from Mobile World Congress 2023 when it comes to telecom customer support.
The importance of streaming customer support operations as well as digitalization of the support journey and how Subtonomy can play an important role of the hot topic of AI chatbots.

Velocity at MWC is more than a theme

In this interview, Optiva CTO Matt Halligan expresses his thoughts on the direction the telecom industry needs to take and why. He also shares an unmistakable passion for Optiva’s strategy and why the need to simplify, unify and monetize is framing the company’s direction.

The Podcast: MWC 2023 special

The guys shot their traditional special podcast from the show floor of Mobile World Congress again this year. Ericsson was kind enough to find them a space to record, so Scott and Iain start by chatting to Peter Linder from that company. Later they bring on Omdia analyst Dario Talmesio and veteran journalist George Malim to hear about their experiences at this year’s show.

The Podcast: MWC 2023 preview

The lads are joined by returning special guest telecoms Analyst Dean Bubley for this episode recorded early in the hope that people listen to it on their way to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. They start by asking Dean why he’s not a fan of the show, before getting into the major themes those of us who will be attending expect to explore. Scott’s attempts to impose conversational discipline on the pod fail miserably but then again, it is a two-hour flight.

The Podcast: Vodafone, BT, European M&A and AI

The trains permitted a return to the studio, which is just as well since there won’t be one next week because of half-term. Deputy Editor Andrew Wooden joins the usual suspects to help reflect on visits they made to Vodafone and BT. They then take another look at the latest signs of a shift in EU telecoms M&A policy, before concluding with a quick chat about recent developments in AI.

The Podcast: Mavenir, Open RAN and telecoms policy

Due to a combination of striking UK trains and the harsh Texan winter, we were forced to conduct this guest episode over Zoom. But that in no way diminished our delight in welcoming returning special guest John Baker of Mavenir. Open RAN being the core of his day job, much of the pod is spent arguing the toss over whether it’s delivering as promised, but they still find time to look at EU telecoms policy and Ofcom over-reach.

Does the new Converged Edge represent the future for fiber access?

Disaggregation is accelerating access to more efficient components, and open programmatic interfaces are increasing possibilities with automation. The Adtran SDX 6330, its latest generation disaggregated OLT, meets subscriber demands in the most scalable and sustainable way possible.

The Podcast: InterDigital, 6G and the Twitter Files

The pod is delighted to welcome special guest Rajesh Pankaj, CTO of InterDigital, and they start by asking what exactly his company does. That leads on to a wide-ranging chat about telecoms R&D, patents, standards and, ultimately 6G. They still find time at the end to hear about Scott’s latest piece of self-indulgent writing, in which he tasked himself with a full summary of all the revelations coming from the Twitter files.

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