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The Podcast: Apple, China and Open RAN

Despite an early start Scott still managed a cheeky PR lunch before this pod. No guest this week and the lads start by reflecting on the latest Apple launches, including the now customary four iPhones. Spoiler alert: nobody was impressed. That topic naturally leads on to the matter of China, which is rumoured to be placing restrictions on iPhone use, and which apparently continues to find ways around the US tech embargos. They conclude with a look at the latest effort by the UK state to restore some momentum to Open RAN.

The Podcast: Huawei, Open RAN and Europe

The lads have finally stopped mucking about in other countries so the pod returns after its summer break. And who better to welcome them back than the pod’s most frequent guest – telecoms and tech exec Mary Clark? Pausing only to sample some weapon’s grade pale ale Mary brought over from the States, they start by examining the significance of Huawei’s latest smartphone launches. They then move on to ponder the fortunes of the Open RAN market before concluding with a quick analysis of potential leadership changes at the European Commission.

The Future of Connectivity with Generative AI

How has Generative AI swept the telco & tech markets? And, can it flip the script on some of the expectations and demands in the evolution of the xG era? While automation has sensationalized digital experiences across the board, recent enhancements have highlighted just how intelligent networks, tech and software solutions can be. Find out more on what Niall Norton, Division President at Amdocs Networks, has to say about the journey ahead.

The Podcast: Rakuten, BT and US vs China

The lads manage to squeeze in a pod between their various summer holidays, principally to enable Scott to document his tan. They start with a look at the state of Japanese internet and telecoms giant Rakuten, which recently lost one of its most important execs. BT, meanwhile, has wasted little time in appointing a new CEO, so they move on to discuss that, before concluding with a look at America’s increasingly self-harming attempts to stop China developing technology.

The Podcast: BT, AI and digital ID

In the final pod before a summer holiday break, Iain and Scott reflect on a nice dinner with BT that even Producer Pierre got an invite to. It coincided with the news that CEO Philip Jansen will be moving on so the lads start by reviewing some of the speculation around why that happened and who could replace him. They move on to talk about a recent event hosted by analyst firm Omdia that looked at the pros and cons of AI before squeezing in a quick summary of Europe’s digital ID ambitions.

Unveiling the 5G Auto Factory from Geely’s Zeekr in China

Zeekr, a Chinese electric vehicle brand under auto conglomerate Geely, is shaking up global auto manufacturing with its fully-connected 5G factory in Ningbo, China. The factory, developed with China Unicom Zhejiang, enables unprecedented customization options, highlighting the technology’s potential to reshape the industry and China’s push for commercial 5G.

The Podcast: Threedafone, Threads and Huawei

Fresh from a spot of lunch with Red Hat, the lads start by reflecting on a great day out at Wimbledon with Vodafone and some of chats that were had between games. They move on to discuss a new Twitter-like social media platform launched by Facebook-owner Meta, before concluding with a round up of the latest news concerning Chinese tech giant Huawei.

Huawei Eyes on ultimate 5G user experience solution

Customer experience has become one of the most important success factors for mobile operators. Huawei’s General Manager of Network Performance Management, Jingang Gao, explains that Huawei’s advanced network performance and its FHD video experience ensure a competitive edge for its operator customers.

The Podcast: Orange, NokiaHat and politics

The lads start by anticipating another day out at the tennis that Producer Pierre, who isn’t going, hopes will fall foul of the British weather. They start with their previous tennis enabler Orange, which is the latest operator to abandon an attempt at diversifying its business. Iain then attempts to summarise the strategic partnership announced between Nokia and Red Hat in language Scott can understand, before the latter finishes with some rants about political intrusion in the tech sector.

The Podcast: Deutsche Telekom, Nokia and AI

Another guest-free episode as the industry eases into the summer holiday season. Most of the source material is supplied by Iain this week and they start by reviewing one of his stories reporting on Deutsche Telekom’s attitude to the EU telling operators not to use Huawei kit. They move on to review Nokia’s big summer product launches, before concluding with a look at some of the more immediate challenges posed by the artificial intelligence boom.

Exclusive interview with Nick Wootten, MVNO Director at BT Wholesale

We spoke to Nick Wootten at MVNOs World Congress 2023 and what an interesting conversation it was. We gained further insight into the importance of MVNO to BT, rising trends in the mobile market that MVNOs should be aware of, the ways in which BT have achieved such a growth story, key takeaways from the conference and much more. Watch the full interview now.

The Podcast: Threedafone, Huawei, and private networks

No guest this week but Scott had to be dragged away from following the first day of the Ashes and the lovely weather to sit in a studio for your loosely telecoms-themed entertainment. The big news of the week was the official announcement of the proposed merger between Vodafone and Three in the UK, so they start with that. They move on to discuss the EU’s increasingly strong position on ‘high risk’ telecoms vendors before concluding with their reflections on a recent event they attended that focused on private networks.

The Podcast: Lynk, satellites and Apple Vision Pro

We recorded this on a Tuesday because a little bird told us Charles Miller – CEO of satellite-direct-to-phone company Lynk – was in town and up for some podcast action. Pausing only to reflect on an old-school long lunch with Hyperoptic, they get into the physics, logistics and economics of enabling regular mobile phones to connect directly to satellites. The only other news they had to make time for was the launch of an augmented reality headset by Apple.

The Podcast: Security, China and Open RAN

After a brief pause the pod is back with a bang, thanks to the presence of special guest, analyst John Strand, who brought an obscene amount of beer with him. John is known for not pulling his punches on telecoms industry hot topics, and is especially strident on the threat posed by Chinese vendors, so they spend much of the time discussing that position, before concluding with a similar treatment of Open RAN.

Delivering on the O-RAN Promise with RIC and SMO

Marc-Andre Bordeleau, Senior Director Product Management from Juniper Networks highlights the progress made on RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and the learnings from the RIC field trials in this keynote presentation. He also elaborates on solving the complexity of orchestration, automation, and service assurance with SMO.
Learn more about Juniper Network’s Open RAN solutions:

The Podcast: Threedafone, chips and digital media

The absence of a guest resulted in a total loss of conversational discipline this week. A meandering pod touches on the increasingly likely merger of Vodafone and Three in the UK, the semiconductor industry as it affects telecoms, and upheaval in the world of digital media. This episode is a must for fans of the stream-of-consciousness ramblings of middle-aged telecoms hacks.

The Podcast: Big Tech, policy and Malaysia

The podcast finally gains legitimacy from the inclusion of a special guest who has a book out. That guest is Professor Sean Ennis and they start by discussing his book – Internet Empire. Sean’s academic focus is competition policy so they move on to some telecoms-specific issues in that area, before concluding with a look at how Malaysia has found itself in the middle of the geopolitical battle of wills between the US and China.

The Podcast: 6G, investment and RAN

The pod is delighted to welcome back former Chief Network Architect at BT Neil McRae, who starts by telling us about his new job. They move on to talk about 6G, with Scott and Iain having recently attended a conference on the matter, then get a report from Neil on a UK telecoms investment initiative he is part of, and conclude by trying to unravel the intricacies of the latest innovations in the Radio Access Network and why, if at all, we should care.

The Podcast: Freshwave, Open RAN and US vs China

After a short break the pod returns with special guest Tom Bennett from Freshwave. His company is all about neutral host infrastructure, so they start with a look at that market. Inevitably, Open RAN works its way into the conversation which, in turn provides an opportunity to discuss interesting startup EdgeQ. The situation between the US and China is never far from telecoms chat these days either, and they conclude with a look at how that conflict is ramping further.

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