CTO, RTVC, Colombia: “We see a viewing transformation with the arrival of multiscreen”

Liliana Chacon, CTO of RTVC, Colombia, is speaking as part of the Multiscreen & TV Evolution stream at the Broadband World Forum, taking place on the 22nd – 24th October 2013 at the RAI exhibition and convention centre, Amsterdam. Ahead of the show, we speak to Chacon to find out about RTVC’s view of the changing face of content delivery.

How are things evolving in the Colombian broadband market?

It is getting bigger in terms of penetration through the mobile operators. Speeds are increasing slowly but connectivity has grown exponentially.

What are the biggest challenges you’re facing?

As a broadcasting company we are facing challenges regarding the transmission of our content over broadband networks that are not ready for transmission of big data. Since those networks are only increasing slowly in terms of bandwidth we have to be creative in order to assure content will be delivered with quality. On the other hand we are seeing a viewing transformation with the arrival of the multiscreen concept, so our content is now being produced with different media in mind.

Is 4G going to cannibalise fixed-line broadband?

Not in the short term. Colombia is just starting the deployment of 4G, with one only operator at present, and six others bidding for the assignment of new licenses.

The Broadband World Forum is taking place on the 22nd – 24th October 2013 at the RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre, Amsterdam. Click here to pre-register for the event.

How are smartphones and tablets changing the content landscape?

It is a huge change for a broadcaster like us. We now have to think in a wider way, taking into account new generations of people that are more used to use smartphones and tablets than TV. They are asking for a new kind of content and this challenges us to evolve and create trans-media content, multi-screen projects and exclusive content for new devices. We see a lot of opportunities to get new audiences and also to increase our content offer.

The big question regarding second screen is monetisation? Is it a new opportunity or something you need to support just to keep up?

It is hard for us to say for now. For us, it is just starting, and the result is that we are gaining new audiences that could be monetised in the future. For now though, all content is free of charge and we see it as a mandatory strategy in order to get new and mostly young audiences.

What do you think the most exciting development will be in content over the next 12 months?

I would say it will be the increase in interactivity on devices, while assuring the quality and seamless experience of using these devices.

What are you hoping to get out attending the Broadband World Forum 2013?

We hope to impart our own experiences with content in multiscreen environments, and learn more about strategies to evolve content and platforms for a multiscreen experience.




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