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Thomas Noren, head of Product Line LTE at Ericsson’s Networks business unit talks to about his confidence in the future that LTE will bring.

HSPA no threat to WiMAX, says Intel

Despite the rollout of HSPA networks gathering pace around the world, with the top-end of the HSPA range (without MIMO) offering peak downlink rates of 14.4Mbps, it does not unduly concern Siavash Alamouti, CTO of Intel’s Mobile Wireless Group.

LTE World Summit 2009 Show Highlights

LTE World Summit 2009, by far the best attended LTE event in the telecoms industry, is now over for 2009. Thank you to everyone that attended and contributed to 2009’s extremely successful show and ensure you visit the website at for more information regarding 2010’s event.

Back to basics

Commoditisation is an inevitability in the mobile industry, says entrepreneur Simon Buckingham, CEO of content firm Mobile Streams and also of Zoombak, a mobile subsidiary of investment house Liberty Media that sells cellular-based tracking devices for consumer use. What isn’t inevitable, however, is the timing of that commoditisation.

WiMAX supply and demand

WiMAX Vision speaks to CC Puan, CEO of Green Packet Malaysia, and MD of the Green Packet Group, about the firm’s WiMAX interests as both supplier and operator.

Question and Answer

As UK premium text trivia service AQA63336 celebrates its fifth birthday, and launches a new offering, Mike Hibberd talks to founding CEO Colly Myers, formerly managing director at Psion and CEO of Symbian Ltd.


Which of the following would be the best long-term household broadband solution?

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