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Making a Play

Chris Bannister is CEO at Polish carrier Play, which launched into a saturated market two years ago. He talks to about the trials of the small independent and the dirty tricks he believes are being employed by powerful international incumbents.

WiMAX takes UQ test

WIMAX Vision speaks to Shuichi Kako, associate senior VP at UQ Communications, about the operator’s plans for a nationwide mobile WIMAX network and how UQ intends to differentiate from ‘3.5G’ and wireline broadband plays inJapan.

Moving on

After almost 13 years in charge of Singaporean mobile carrier M1, Neil Montefiore stood down at the end of January this year. He plans to work as an independent consultant for 12 months, before beginning a new role-as yet unspecified-in 2010.

Alvarion still buoyant talks to Alvarion CEO, Tzvika Friedman, about strategy and growth prospects for the Israel-headquartered WiMAX RAN supplier.

Mobile WiMAX ambitions

Wimax Telecom, a privately-held broadband wireless access provider, is turning to mobile WiMAX to sharpen its competitive edge in central Europe where it holds some 3.5GHz spectrum assets. WiMAX Vision spoke to CTO, Peter Ziegelwanger, about the company’s strategy for growth.

GSMA targets net gains through OneAPI

The GSM Association has set up an industry-wide initiative, dubbed OneAPI, to help make mobile operators’ network capabilities more accessible to third-party application developers. spoke to Graham Trickey, senior director at the GSMA, about the project’s progress so far and how the OneAPI project intends to improve the lot of the mobile operator.

WiMAX stalls in Brazil

Jose Luiz Frauendorf, executive director at Neotec, talks to Ken Wieland about his frustration at the lack of WiMAX progress in Brazil in the 2.5GHz frequency band.

Cynthia Gordon, CMO of MTS

Cynthia Gordon, chief marketing officer of MTS, talks about managing the direction and strategy of one of the largest carriers in Russia and the CIS. The only British and only female member of the senior management team at Mobile Telesystems (MTS)-the largest mobile phone operator in Russia and the CIS-Cynthia Gordon seems unfazed by the […]

Barry West, chief of Xohm

Six months later than originally planned, this month sees the Sprint-backed Xohm mobile WiMAX service making its market debut. Barry West is the man in charge and he has to make good on the promises of Sprint as well as the wider WiMAX community. Sprint Nextel recently launched its Xohm-branded mobile WiMAX service in the […]

Russia’s WiMAX enforcer

Lee Sparkman, president of broadband operator Enforta, is making WiMAX happen in Russia. The name Enforta comes from combining the Latin word ‘forte’ (strong) with ‘enforce’. It is an appropriately purposeful moniker for a company that claims to have the largest WiMAX footprint in Russia with operations in 55 cities across the country. “What distinguishes […]

From the Source

David Wood, Symbian’s executive vice president for research and a founding director of the group talks to sister publication MCI about its acquisition by Nokia and the move to make the platform open source.

Vodafone’s green strategies

Vodafone’s group head of corporate responsibility, Chris Burgess, outlines the carrier’s green strategies.

WiMAX home run for Vodafone Malta

The Vodafone Group is conducting WiMAX trials in different parts of the world but it was in Malta where it launched commercial services first. Joseph Cuschieri, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at Vodafone Malta, explains to Ken Wieland why the Vodafone subsidiary believes WiMAX is a perfect fit for delivering broadband to the home

Mika Vehvilainen, COO, Nokia Siemens Networks

Mika Vehvilainen is under no illusions about the challenges facing infrastructure vendors in today’s telecommunications market. “This is a very tough industry to be in,” he says. “The growth outlook is not great.”

Andy Zimmerman, head of Accenture Global Communications

Between them, Andy Zimmerman and members of his team from Accenture’s Global Communications division had 275 meetings at February’s Mobile World Congress. With clients from all areas of the industry – mobile operators, infrastructure vendors, content and media players, service providers – Zimmerman was exposed to the full breadth of opinion on how the mobile industry will evolve. The fears and aspirations of all players are clear, he says, speaking to just days after the event’s conclusion.


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