The Podcast: 5G, IoT and Huawei

We are delighted to welcome special guest William Webb back to the pod but decide to start by putting him on the spot over hist historical telecoms predictions, to see how many he got right. Eventually we give him a break and move on to news Vodafone snuck under the radar about spinning off its IoT unit, before reviewing Huawei’s latest attempt at reconciliation with the West.


  1. Avatar Richard Woodham 23/06/2022 @ 9:49 am

    At ~1:09 in this podcast William Webb states that only 0.1% of call blocking is due to congestion and 9.9% is due to coverage (or lack of, presumably). Is this data published anywhere so that I can refer to it?

    I really enjoy these podcasts as they are entertaining & informative.

    PS You need to up your game on quantum physics.

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