The Podcast: BT, Huawei and vRAN

Scott, Iain and Pierre get some rare quality time together on this week’s guest-free pod. Inevitably the preamble is somewhat protracted but they eventually get on to reviewing the latest news surrounding BT, including some recent media coverage that landed its CEO in hot water. They move on to discuss the implications of a ban in Chinese 5G kit in Germany before concluding with a look at the competitive implications of the vRAN movement.


  1. Avatar Mike Ferris 31/03/2023 @ 5:52 pm

    Hey Scott, it seems you upgraded your home broadband to the “not quite latest” generation. Taking a GPON/FTTP service is the equivalent of joining the 4G revolution in mobile. Now some of us can get XGS-PON already – not me incidentally, I live in a village and can’t even get GPON yet. I’m stuck with with the 3G version VDSL/FTTC. You guys have had lots of discussions recently on the pod about the “generations” and “why do we need 5G?” I wonder why there isn’t the same fascination with fixed line? It’s a similar story – 1G = analogue line (+56k modem), 2G = ADSL, 3G = VDSL, 4G = GPON, 5G = XGS-PON. Are you similarly wondering what the point of XGS-PON is? It doesn’t have the same hype but there is a mass of investment involved

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 03/04/2023 @ 9:04 am

      I guess it’s because fixe isn’t subject to anything like the same hype. Also, fixed line seems to mainly be about speed, isn’t it?

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