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The Podcast: CES, Huawei and farmers

The core podding crew return after a scandalous month of inactivity, refreshed by festive jaunts around southern Britain. They start by looking at such telecoms news as there was from CES, move on to the latest developments regarding the political football that is Huawei and conclude with an obscure dispute between telcos and Northern Irish farmers.


  1. Avatar Amy Wettenhall 13/01/2020 @ 5:46 pm

    Happy 2020 team. Good podcast today! I’m really liking the topics on the bottom of the screen. Got me thinking though, it would be super cool if you could integrate that on the website so people who don’t have time to listen to you all for an hour, could click those topics, and jump right to that section of the podcast. Heaps of our team who are not specifically Telco experts would love that, as for example they want to listen to the farmer piece, but less so interested in the deep CES tech updates. So what I do (and I do this for them every month) is email them the important parts of the podcast, and give them name shout outs and exact times to jump to, so they definitely listen but tailored to the topics of interest to them. And then, they LOVE it. Just popped into my head it might be a cool way to increase click rates as I know many people outside just Telco Techies love the podcast where not every topic will of course be relevant.

    • Scott Bicheno Scott Bicheno 14/01/2020 @ 12:38 pm

      Hi Amy, thanks a lot for the feedback and I think that’s a really good idea. Unfortunately we’re insufficiently technologically advanced to implement it right now but if the pod continues to go from strength to strength then you never know.

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