The Podcast: Lynk, satellites and Apple Vision Pro

We recorded this on a Tuesday because a little bird told us Charles Miller – CEO of satellite-direct-to-phone company Lynk – was in town and up for some podcast action. Pausing only to reflect on an old-school long lunch with Hyperoptic, they get into the physics, logistics and economics of enabling regular mobile phones to connect directly to satellites. The only other news they had to make time for was the launch of an augmented reality headset by Apple.

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  1. Avatar CHRISTOPHER SCHAFER 13/06/2023 @ 8:39 pm

    What a great guest to have on the show! As a field IT/Telecom technician that deploys satcom ground stations all over northern Canada I am super excited about powering off my inReach in the next few years and maybe picking up another cell phone with new bands in it that will accomplish the same task.

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