The Podcast: Nokia, roaming and Ofcom censorship

The guys are giving Mobile World Congress 2021 a miss due to all the associated Covid hassle, so they try to assuage their FOMO with some vaguely Spanish refreshments from Tesco. They start by reviewing the recent reboot of Nokia’s 5G portfolio, which Iain reckons is a big deal. They move on to EE’s contentious decision to start charging its customers for data roaming in Europe and conclude with a look at a new UK law that would allow Ofcom to censor digital speech.

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  1. Avatar Michael Ferris 05/07/2021 @ 2:07 pm

    Massive MIMO, not possible in low band as the antenna size, which is directly proportional to wavelength, and therefore inversely proportional to frequency, means it’s not feasible to go “massive” on the number of antennas in the array. The reason they are vital for higher frequencies is because the energy radiated is proportional to antenna size, so you need more antennas to get any chance of any reach, and beam-forming, which helps further close the gap on reach, also needs several antennas. Oh, and “proof of the pudding” – made me laugh. One of my bug-bears too.

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