The Podcast: Nokia, UK 5G and Vodafone

With earnings season still well underway Iain and Scott start by reviewing Nokia’s numbers, which point to another lean year for its long-suffering investors. UK Parliament increasingly fancies its own chances in the telecoms sector and the guys move on to dissect its latest round of top tips, before concluding with a look at how Vodafone is managing to muddle along despite having no MPs in its executive team.

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  1. Avatar 186k 16/02/2021 @ 7:12 pm

    Scott…”my tenner, that I’ve got in Nokia, that’s going, that’s not going to turn into twenty quid anytime soon”

    Not sure you’re aware but for a brief moment on one crazy day last month (26/1) Nokia’s share price more than doubled. This was due to the reddit guys but it really shouldn’t of happened as Nokia doesn’t fit the mold of the other reddit targets: it has minimal short action, a very large marketcap & doesn’t face any dire financial difficulties. I haven’t noticed any proper reporting on how a bluechip share like Nokia could double in a single day. Maybe it’s something to do with the thin volumes traded on the US exchange in comparison with their European listing? There’s definitely a story there but maybe it’s more for a financial services journo

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