The Podcast: Vodafone, Ofcom and crypto

No guests this week as the lads record the pod a day early to make time for a big Friday lunch. They start by reviewing Vodafone’s latest quarterly numbers, which seemed to reflect the general economic gloom. Eventually they move on to one of Scott’s pet peeves, state censorship of online speech, before recklessly lurching into the high drama afflicting the cryptocurrency sector right now.

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  1. Avatar Tommi Heikkilä 21/11/2022 @ 9:46 am


    Thanks for the great podcast again. I have been listening for several years now from Finland.

    I think I noticed some kind of request from you in the Nov18 Podcast.

    I would propose Allison Kirkby, CEO of Telia Company, to be one of your guests in coming podcasts. I think she can fill your interest in many areas that Nordic Telcos focusing today and in the future.


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