Palm making bid for Europe

US handset manufacturer and former PDA champ, Palm Inc. is gearing up for a push into Europe backed by a multi-million dollar marketing spend it says will put the company’s phones into the hands of millions of Europeans. At the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday, the company’s senior vice president of global markets, […]

Echo translates for Orange

Echo Translator, a UK-based firm that claims to have developed the world’s fastest real voice language translator and logical phrase builder for mobile phones, yesterday announced the availability of its service for Orange business customers. The translation tool promises that a user can speak, learn and instantly interact with anyone of any culture without any […]

Sony Ericsson opens up UIQ ownership

Sony Ericsson, which closed its acquisition of Symbian subsidiary UIQ Technology this week, has unveiled plans to open up the open up the software house to investors. At the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Wednesday, Sony Ericsson openly invited phone vendors to become shareholders in UIQ, which develops a user interface framework and application […]

BlackBerry Pearl grows up

Following on from the success of the Pearl device, Canadian vendor Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry 8800 at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona this week. While the Pearl was targeted at the prosumer space, new territory for the Canadian vendor, the 8800 brings RIM firmly back to the enterprise market. Borrowing many […]

Sarin warns industry to work faster to beat WiMAX

Operators need to pull together more efficiently to avoid the threat posed by WiMAX, according to Vodafone CEO Arun Sarin, speaking at the 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona on Tuesday. Sarin called on the industry as a whole to work faster on its plans for Long Term Evolution (LTE), the next generation cellular technology, highlighting […]

Dual mode dream comes true

Dual mode handsets are no longer an aspiration but are now a reality according to the Wi-Fi Alliance which announced Monday that it has certified nearly 100 wifi phones since 2004, with more to come this year.According to the Alliance, the days of perception of “wifi versus cellular” are over, with major operators, including UK […]

GSMA makes a song and dance over Bollywood

At 3GSM World Congress renowned Indian film director Sanjay Dutt presented 10 short films by five directors as part of the Made for Mobile project, sponsored by the Sundance Institute and the GSMA. The complete film will be released in cinemas at the same time as the 10 individual shorts are distributed online. GSMA chief […]

Alltel up for sale?

US regional CDMA operator Alltel is rumoured to be up for sale. The rumour mill began grinding away late last week when executives said during the company’s fourth quarter results that Alltel was exploring its options. Speculation that Verizon Wireless may be interested in the company is strong, given that both operators use CDMA. Such […]

India to have 650 million connections by 2012

650 million telephone connections are expected in India by 2012, including at least 200 million in rural areas, according to the Indian government Tuesday. The country’s annual Economic Survey 2006-07, suggests that of the 650 million connections, 66 million will be over wire with 584 million wireless connections. The survey adds that, coupled with the […]

Nvidia takes mobile to the next dimension

Graphics processor firm Nvidia lifted the curtain on the prototype implementation of the Khronos OpenKODE 1.0 specification, which it will use to drive 3D interface design on the mobile. The demo specification showcases multi-tasking in a multi-windowed environment, translucent window compositing and a 3D user interface with transition effects. OpenKODE is a royalty-free, cross-platform standard […]

Vodafone acquires Hutch-Essar in $11.7bn deal

The boardroom drama around Vodafone’s bid for Indian GSM operator Hutchison-Essar seems to be approaching a conclusion, as Vodafone announced it had agreed terms with Hutchison Telecoms International to buy out its 67 per cent controlling stake for $11.7bn. The big question, however, will be whether or not Essar, which holds 33 per cent of […]

Berners-Lee: be a foundation, not a ceiling

Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, made a ringing call for openness, decentralisation, and user control on the mobile web in his speech to the Innovation Forum at the 3GSM World Congress. Some of Berners-Lee’s comments will be controversial among his audience of telco executives, suggesting a re-examination of some of the industry’s […]

LG wins 3G handset supply deal

South Korean handset vendor LG Electronics is to provide the low cost WCDMA handset with which the GSMA and its members will spearhead the 3G for All campaign. An evolution of the trade body’s Emerging Market Handset project, 3G for All is designed to accelerate uptake of WCDMA services around the world through the distribution […]

Vodafone’s content drive goes off the map

Vodafone Live! will be drawing on Google for its maps and local search service, it was announced Monday, while the company will be working with Citibank on a new mobile payments system. Google launched Google Maps in 2004, which proved to be the starting gun for Web 2.0, as the service’s rich AJAX-based user interface, […]

Nokia’s E series gets a makeover

The Finnish giant Nokia put an emphasis on mobile devices for business users, including new additions to the E series, at its annual 3GSM press event Monday. The company launched the E61i, a slimmer version of its predecessor, with improved email capability, as well as the E90, the latest update of the legendary Communicator. In […]

Wifi – from strength to strength

Dual mode handsets are no longer an aspiration, according to the Wi-Fi Alliance which announced Monday that it has certified nearly 100 wifi phones since 2004, with more to come this year. According to the Alliance, the days when the perception was “wifi versus cellular” are over with major operators, including UK incumbent BT, “aggressively” […]

O2 extends its reach

UK MNO O2 has extended its My Europe roaming scheme to cover 31 countries with the launch of My Europe Extra. The service abolishes charges for incoming calls regardless of which network the call is received on. Making calls within Europe and back to the UK are charged at a flat rate of 25p per […]

Brothers warn Vodafone to back off in Essar bid

Two of India’s wealthiest brothers have threatened to block Vodafone’s plans to buy mobile operator, Hutchison Essar. Ravi and Sashi Ruia, both managers at Essar, have told the British firm that they will use special ‘operating rights’ to hamper its ability to develop Essar’s business if it wins the $20bn auction for the firm. While […]

Qualcomm jacks HSPA speed with MIMO move

CDMA pioneer Qualcomm on Monday announced the expansion of its product roadmap to include HSPA. Speaking to at the 3GSM World Congress, William Davidson, vice president of global marketing and investor relations, said Qualcomm’s HSPA+ initiative includes support for MIMO technology. Based on the 3GPP Release 7 standard, HSPA+ claims data rates of up […]

Qualcomm descrambles mobile TV

Qualcomm moved to unify three of the leading mobile TV technologies in a single device this week, with the news that its Universal Broadcast Modem (UBM) chip is sampling ahead of schedule. Mobile TV has made its appearance as one of the most gripping topics at 3GSM World Congress in Barcelona this year and the […]


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