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The future of broadband service delivery

Service providers are keen to welcome the benefits of cloudification to their networks, and utilise co-existence and a migration plan from their existing network investments.

Ode to the AltNets

The challenge for AltNets is that many of their business models were based upon the assumption that if an AltNet was there, an incumbent would not overbuild them.

The telecoms industry is facing a data crossroads

Telecoms companies that seek to unlock, share and collaborate with their most unique asset – their data; adopting a data-first approach will collaborate with their eco-systems more strategically and monetise new business streams.

Can the Circular Economy help solve the supply chain crisis?

To overcome supply chain issues, the industry needs to consider alternative options. Some operators are exploring product redesign to avoid using equipment they can’t get hold of, whereas others are turning to the circular economy.

Why Gigabit Britain needs WiFi 6

In order to deliver better in-home connectivity and realise the potential of FTTH, ISPs are looking to provide routers offering WiFi 6 connectivity to consumers. 

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