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Making 5G FWA a reality: five key planning considerations

With all of the complexity and potential for planning difficulties, what are the key considerations for 5G FWA that mobile planners and engineers need to take into account as they prepare for this new service?          

The business of subsea cabling

The vessels that are used for laying and repairing cables remain the biggest contributor by far to building a true blue ocean economy, and they need to become much more sustainable.

The future evolution of 5G

For service providers and their customers, 5G holds the potential for revolutionary economic change. However, 5G new radio technologies by themselves won’t enable operators to fully utilise 5G.

Is the broadband network ready for the metaverse?

There is a great deal of industry buzz around the metaverse. However, as consumers and businesses begin to embrace this new digital world, one critical issue remains unanswered: how will it all be connected?

Why billing will be better with BCE

By giving more control to operators, BCE has the capability to accelerate the creation of new generation use cases and new revenue streams for operators worldwide.

Where can CSPs fit in the Metaverse?

The high speed and low latency delivered by fibre and 5G SA networks will be needed to enable Metaverse platforms to provide immersive, smooth user experience.

Telecoms fraud: how to manage and get ahead in 2022

As fraudulent activity in telecoms continues to plague the industry with no signs of slowing down, it’s no surprise that fraudsters are becoming increasingly skilled in exploiting network operators and customers.

5G and how to secure the transportation revolution

Soon our goods could be transported across the country by automated trucks, drones could arrive at our doors with our packages and we could be chauffeured around the cities in the very near future in driverless,

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Do you agree public funding should be used to support mobile operators to more broadly deploy Open RAN?

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