It’s that time of year again. The telecoms.com team is packing its suitcases and preparing to head off to Spain for the annual mega-industry-shindig that is Mobile World Congress. The editors have dusted off the travel Scrabble to keep the team occupied and prevent any squabbling over who gets the window seat, and the Informer has ensured a ready supply of Paracetamol and Alka Seltzer in anticipation of a full party-diary.

The weather forecast says the temperature in Barcelona is about the same as in England – pretty chilly – so don’t forget your coat. Telecoms.com would also like to remind you that while we’re out there, we’ll be publishing as normal, but for those of you with a diary full of meetings you can also get news and announcements straight to your mobile phone by signing up for the telecoms.com Mobile service here.

We’re also running a voicemail box, which will publish your comments on Barcelona staight to our blog, so dial +44 151 266 6531 and leave a shout out.

Have a safe trip, we’ll see you there.

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