Can Android succeed?

Well this week was certainly less eventful, and much of the blogosphere continued its analysis of the fallout from some of the previous week’s news.

Naturally, much attention is still being lavished on Google’s Android platform, with Francis Sideco, senior analyst for wireless communication, at analyst iSuppli wondering whether Google’s foray into mobile phones can succeed. Informa’s own Michael Carroll certainly seems to think so.

Moving on from the analysis of Sprint and Clearwire’s parting of ways over WiMAX this week, there was commentary from Michael Paxton, senior analyst with In-Stat, on Sprint’s decision to halt the rollout of its Pivot mobile-phone service, which is being offered through a venture with four US cable TV operators.

Meanwhile, Julie Ask at Jupiter Research considered the User Generated Content goldmine on mobile phones, while colleague Ian Fogg took a look at Palm OS classic/Garnet, which is being launched, officially, for the Nokia tablet range.

Dean Bubley, over at Disruptive Analysis, had some further commentary on his predictions for VoIP subscriber growth over the next five years.

And in the gaming world, Wired has a piece on Id Software’s – of Doom and Quake fame – moves into the mobile space. Interestingly, Id is critical of Apple’s attitude to game developers. I wonder whether the release of the SDK next year and a hopefully more supportive attitude, will change this situation.


  1. Avatar David H. Deans 19/11/2007 @ 9:35 pm

    Hopefully, STL Partners will share the exec summary this week, from the recent Telco 2.0 event, which will shed light on new partnering opportunities — where BSPs can create business models that generate revenue from content producers, not just consumers.

    BTW, I see Android as an extension of the collaboration model that was successfully pioneered by NTT DoCoMo — the apparent global leader in the mobile Internet access and VAS related space.

  2. Avatar Davis Onsakia 03/12/2007 @ 1:47 pm

    I strongly believe that Android will exceeded the expectations of even Google and baffle the pessimists.

  3. Avatar Matthew Richards 04/12/2007 @ 2:57 pm

    Android will quickly put the North American telco’s in defensive mode. The very idea that someone with the clout of Google would release something that promotes open architecture in mobile content is a direct threat to their precious walled gardens. More importantly it will act as a driver for more enterprise based participation on mobile content and especially from those enterprises that are not traditionally thought of as mobile content players.

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