Femto Forum launches standards initiative

The Femto Forum has kick started an initiative designed to harmonise the integration of femtocells into mobile core networks.

The Forum said that the growing interest in femto technology has fostered an environment in which there are many different, and sometimes proprietary, methods of integrating many different types of femtocell. And while this is not holding up the commercial deployment of femtocells, the initiative aims unite these different approaches in the longer term and set the stage for the development of future standards.

At the Forum’s next plenary meeting in March, a variety of approaches to femtocell network integration will be put forward by members. Based on these proposals, the Forum aims to develop a framework, which will enable vendors to respond quickly to operator demands for interoperability, and will provide a platform from which members can advance the best approaches into the relevant standards bodies.

The Femto Forum itself is not a standards making body.

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