German iPhone sales disappointing?

There seem to be concerns amongst the analyst community that the Apple brand isn’t strong enough outside of North America to compete with the big names in the handset space.

On Tuesday, Deutsche Telekom’s domestic mobile unit, T-Mobile, announced that it has sold 70,000 iPhones on contract, since the device launched at the start of November.

Avian Securities notes that the German figures have come in weaker than both France and the UK – France Telecom hit the 70,000 mark on January 10, while O2 in the UK has shifted 200,000.

The analysts believe the disappointing figures highlight the level of competition in the European handset space, with an abundance of 5 megapixel cameraphones and touch screens flooding the market.


  1. Avatar Ulf Morys 31/01/2008 @ 12:20 pm

    Be serious: it’s not Apple that has the branding problem here !

    There’s a complete mis-match between what the t-mobile brand stands
    for in Germany (incumbant, slow, aged subscriber population, little
    service etc. but at least good network service on the positive side)
    and the Apple brand.

    Cupertino should have known that when they signed – but greed got the
    better part of them. So desperate is the struggle of t-mobile for a
    better, “younger” image that they would probably accept terms
    unaccaptable to any less desperate carrier in the country.

    But remember: if you’re a slightly overweight, bald mid-50 single,
    you’re still a slightly overweight mid-50 single if you buy a Porsche
    to cruise thru town. In other words: image transfer only goes that
    far…. and not beyond.

    I know what I’m talking about: I took particular pride in getting my
    iPhone on the O2 Germany network, where I have something close to a
    data flat rate for Euro 8,50 per month (with the option to cancel at
    any time), compared to Euro 50,- for at least 24 months. You do the
    math yourself…. fits very well with recent reports of how many
    unlocked devices are bleeding out of the US to Asia an Europe. My
    personal guess: make the part higher that goes to Germany πŸ˜‰



  2. Avatar Tobe 04/02/2008 @ 2:03 pm

    How far are the figures coming out from the US and UK representative of units that are actually in use in those countries? From my small circle of friends here in Nigeria, I can easily count 15 people that use the iPhone, unlocked ones that is. Easier access to UK and US might explain the quantity sold rather than operator performance. On a different level, it might mean that t-mobile has better risk and customer management processes and that less numbers are leaking out through the firm.

    just a thought.



  3. Avatar James Middleton 04/02/2008 @ 3:43 pm

    Incidentally, I was in my local Carphone Warehouse in North London on Sunday and I asked the store manager about iPhone sales. He said that after an initial rush in sales between November and Christmas, they’re now selling four or five a week in this particular store.

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