Informa Tech releases the 5G 100 2020 list

Informa Tech has unveiled the 2020 5G 100 List; an inaugural list of the 100 most influential people in the wide world of 5G products, technologies and services.

Bringing together work from across 5G World, Omdia, the 5G Exchange, Light Reading and Telecoms.com, the 5G 100 is a comprehensive overview of the biggest influencers in the 5G universe, encompassing those who have the voices to cut through the industry noise and have the power to say where 5G could go next.

The list has been compiled from nominations, sources and industry contacts by 5G experts across Informa Tech, including Light Reading editors and Omdia analysts.

In the list’s introduction, Phil Harvey, Editor-in-Chief of Light Reading, writes: “As you’d expect, there are a few CEOs in this list, but you’ll also notice technologists, business development people who have engineering backgrounds, journalists, regulators, analysts and board-level executives who we wouldn’t dare ignore if we’re trying to find out what’s coming next in this area.”

He added: “Some folks on this list are in charge of 5G networks that have millions of subscribers and are scaling up and out. Some are the stewards of the technologies that power all of this stuff and they’re definitely people you should watch”

You can access the full list by downloading here.

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