Moto tells handset unit, “We need to talk”

You can imagine the scene – Motorola, the exasperated parent who’s patience is starting to wear thin, sitting on the corner of the bed in the childhood room of the Mobile Devices business, to which the middle aged child has returned “just until it sorts things out.”

“Look, this isn’t really working. I’ve been patient but we need to get things out in the open. You’re not pulling your weight around here and really, you’re old enough to be looking after yourself.

“The number of times we’ve had to bail you out, it’s just not fair. All that money we give you and you just fritter it away on these fancy gadgets time and time again. I mean, how many versions of the same phone do you need? Even I know that really thin one isn’t even cool anymore and I’m old.

“So, look, we’ve had a chat and we’ve decided the best thing for you to do is to just go. I’ve packed your bags, they’re by the front door. I’m sorry, it’s for the best. We’ve done all we can…look, it’s just…it’s not me, it’s you.”

So it’s finally happened, Motorola has at last come out and admitted to what everyone in the industry has been talking about behind its back. The relationship between the parent company and the troubled handset division is on the rocks.

On Friday, the company announced that it is “exploring the structural and strategic realignment of its businesses to better equip its Mobile Devices business to recapture global market leadership and to enhance shareholder value.”

One of the options is to separate the Mobile Devices unit from its other businesses. Or in other words, “pack your bags and get out”.

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