MWC: HTC announces new series of devices branded as One Family

HTC has announced a new series of devices branded as One Family. The first devices in this category will be launched worldwide in Q2 2012, these include One X, One S, and One V. All these phones are powered by the latest Android OS 4.0 and will be targeting the super-phone segment of the smartphone market.

HTC seems to have learned from mistakes it made in 2011. The company aims now to concentrate on what they do best and have built their brand on: bringing innovation through design of premium devices rather than spreading efforts across all segments of the market. From now on, HTC will build its product differentiation upon three main elements including imaging, high quality sound and music services, and unique industrial design with best in-class display technology.

However the market HTC is targeting is becoming crowded with virtually all key vendors including Nokia, Samsung, LG, and Sony building their themes this year around the very same three differentiating criteria. As the differentiation gap between these companies is getting closer than ever, the success of these companies in the high-end segment of the market will depend more on their abilities to create the right partnerships for distributing their devices across the world. Companies who fail to do so could be forced out from this market segment.


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