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EU action on MTRs could alter mobile landscape forever

The European Commission’s latest attempt to iron out the wrinkles in Europe’s mobile landscape has already led to howls of dissent from operators, which claim the action to reduce mobile termination rates (MTRs) could radically change the appearance of the industry in Europe forever.

Nokia to change the nature of open source with Symbian

Nokia’s announcement that it intends to acquire Symbian comes as little surprise to the industry, though the OEM’s plan to take Symbian and the S60 platform into the open-source world was a striking revelation. It is a radical shift in Nokia’s terminal-software strategy and could completely change the open-source game in the mobile handset market.

Mobile TV’s Holy Grail remains as elusive as ever

With mobile TV services in the flagship market of South Korea floundering and with few signs that operators anywhere else have found a successful formula for launching such services, most operator and vendor delegates at the recent CommunicAsia Summit in Singapore struggled to find enthusiasm for the fledgling industry.

PCCW arrives too late at the M&A table

PCCW Chairman Richard Li must have been out of the business pages for at least six months, so it was only a matter of time before he came back to dominate the headlines once again.

Xohm WiMAX to go live in September

Now we know. After weeks of speculation as to when Xohm, the WiMAX business unit of Sprint Nextel, would launch commercial services, Barry West, Sprint Nextel CTO and president of Xohm, finally named the month (if not the day).

Consumers don’t trust mobile payment

Research from security specialist Unisys suggests that consumers remain wary of using their mobile phones as payment mechanisms, driven by concerns over security. Of more than 13,000 mobile subscribers from 14 countries surveyed in March, 71 per cent said that they would not consider using a mobile device to bank or shop online.

UK ISPs should swallow their pride and start being honest about broadband

At a recent industry event, a number of executives trotted out the latest variation on that old maxim of the telecoms industry: “Customers don’t really care about technical details; they just care about what technology can do.” In this instance, it was applied to broadband speeds: “Customers don’t really care that our network can’t deliver 8Mbps speeds, they just care that it allows them to access YouTube, Facebook, etc.”

Nokia Siemens Networks: 14 months on

One year into its operation as a merged entity, monster vendor Nokia Siemens Networks is still facing a challenging market. Competition is strong and the growth outlook is not good, as chief executive Simon Beresford-Wylie readily admits the carrier was caught on the back foot. “In 2006, at the time of the merger, the market looked like it was growing. But this wasn’t the case,” he says.

Mobile ads ‘ten times more effective’

Mobile advertising is almost ten times more effective on young consumers than other forms of advertising, according to research released by mobile ad firm JumpTap.

Semantics of openness teeming with contradictions

The meaning of “open” is in the eye of the beholder. Clearly the mobile communications industry is opening up to new ideas, business models, device concepts and the like, but is it becoming truly open? With so many competing commercial interests, not to mention legal and regulatory issues, efforts to really change the business face numerous hurdles.

The times they are a’changin’

The world’s biggest handset vendor, Nokia, and two outsiders, RIM (BlackBerry) and Apple, stand to gain most by pioneering fresh revenue streams for the mobile handset industry with their emerging push into value added services such as navigation, email and music.

Emerging markets: The balance of power

With subscriber growth increasingly restricted to emerging markets with a huge collective population, the operators able to achieve success in these regions will find themselves among the most powerful in the world. And then they’ll want to go global.

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