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Apple and Orange are officially a pair

We’ve known for a long time, just as we did with O2 and T-Mobile, but Orange has finally been officially confirmed as the iPhone carrier of choice in France. I use the phrase “of choice” deliberately, as you can see what might have been the sticking point over the past couple of weeks

Who’s paying for wifi now?

The announcement from the BBC this morning, that it will be making its content available for free over wifi, is an interesting turn around for the wifi provider business model. Whereas it used to be the end user paying for wifi access, it looks like it might increasingly be the content provider, or perhaps even the physical hotspot host itself.

Just what is Moto thinking?

Moto’s having a bit of trouble with its handset unit, that much goes without saying, but just what is the company thinking with its “autumn collection” that took to the catwalk last week? Not really new devices are they? Pretty much cosmetic lifts of earlier devices, although in the case of the U9 there’s a bit more under the hood. And why, oh why, does it look like the company is still hedging all its bets on the RAZR brand? Does it really not have anything new to show us?

Sun rising on Savaje?

If the rumours are true, it looks like ill-fated mobile OS SavaJe might be due for an outing. Then again, this is one company you can’t expect any guarantees on.

Mobile broadband gains velocity

The mobile broadband market is gaining velocity, driven by the twin engines of HSDPA and EV-DO with more power yet to come from Mobile WiMAX. There are already more than 200 commercial mobile broadband networks worldwide with more than 50 million subscribers using hundreds of different devices. And rapid adoption of these technologies will lead […]

And another one bites the dust

Today’s news that Sprint CEO Gary Forsee is quitting got me thinking that it’s been a rough year for chief execs. And for some, it looks like it might get rougher…

The Eurotariff arrives

Viviane Reding’s much-vaunted Eurotariff arrived this weekend. The European Commissioner for Information Society and Media has been aggressively pushing for a “fairer” deal on roaming for subscribers who travel across borders.


Welcome to the new look As you’ll see, we’ve spent the rainy summer months having a bit of a tidy up, rearranging the furniture and generally making space to pack more content in.

We’ve increased the amount of daily news so you can keep track of all the latest happenings in the world of telecoms – either on the site itself, via multiple RSS feeds or delivered straight into your inbox. We’re also including more exclusive content by way of features and analysis, executive interviews, statistics and company profiles.

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We now have three new channels dedicated to WiMAX, IMS and FMC, as well as a TV channel, TelecomsVISION TV, which features on location footage and interviews from telecoms events around the world.

But there’s plenty going on behind the scenes too. Over the next few weeks you will find more advanced search functionality, putting you in touch with exactly what you’re looking for in a quicker and easier fashion. Unfortunately all these changes mean that we’re going to have to ask you to re-register. The good news is that the registration page has been cleaned up too, so you should be logged in again within a minute.

All I can say now is go take a look around and enjoy,

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