Sprint WiMAX – it ain’t over yet

Despite the recent disasters that have befallen the company, Sprint Nextel still reckons it’s on track for a commercial launch of WiMAX next year. It’s in the process of soft launching the network in three markets right now, with several hundred employees using data cards to access the wireless broadband network.

But most of the noise coming out of Sprint right now seems to be geared towards easing the concerns of those companies that have got involved in the Xohm ecosystem. And the shareholders of course.

I wonder if Sprint’s come so far down the line now that it has to run with the WiMAX ball, or whether its all bluster. The reader commenting below makes an interesting point…

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  1. Avatar Rudy McGrudy 13/12/2007 @ 5:46 pm

    Sprint remains on track for 2008 WiMAX launch
    I just had a question on this article:
    Are you sure that they are really on track for 2008? If you go to Sprint’s career website, https://careersearch.sprint.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_advsearch.asp?ref=12132007105735 and search for xohm, it doesn’t appear that they are hiring the amount of employees they would need to do anything but trial “soft” launch small parts of these cities. They do not have reps, they are still trying to hire regional managers and Techs to build the networks.
    When you compare it to the postings on Clearwire’s career site it would almost look like Clearwire is expanding faster and could be the first to have a WiMax City. I live close to the Sprint headquarters in VA and see Clearwire Trucks there all the time, maybe their partnership isn’t as dead as the media is making it out to be.

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