Sun rising on Savaje?

If the rumours are true, it looks like ill-fated mobile OS SavaJe might be due for an outing. Then again, this is one company you can’t expect any guarantees on.
I thought it was a bit of a shame when the lights went out at SavaJe HQ last year. Just weeks before, Andy Bush, UK MD, was showing me a pretty cool platform, hinting at an IPO and even demonstrating a working version of Vodafone’s Live! interface built on the Java OS.
So Sun’s acquisition of the company’s assets earlier this year suggested a new lease of life for the platform, and these rumours about a Sun/Samsung partnership might just be it. Especially since Samsung has been known to build a phone based on just about anything outn there, no matter how niche. Although, despite the JavaFX Mobile initiative, one of the big questions now is whether the company will open source the mobile OS just as it did with Java last year.

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