Top telco stories this week – 10 February 2017

Catch up on Telecoms.com’s top five stories of the week!

Nokia drops €347 million on Comptel to kick-start software push
Nokia fancies itself as a software player, so what better way to start than the acquisition of a Finnish OSS company?

70% of digital transformation projects expected to fail
The rise of the digital economy has created both opportunities and threats, giving rise to one of the industry’s most popular buzzwords; digital transformation.

Nokia reckons Cloud Packet Core is the answer to all your NFV, 5G and IoT needs
The pre-MWC announcement stampede formally started with Nokia claiming cloud leadership and for some reason putting a hashtag in its headline.

Europe gives thumbs up to OTT portability
The European Commission (hereafter known as the Gaggle of Red-tapers) is quietly threatening to prove it actually does some work after its most recent announcement opening up OTT services throughout Europe.

Good week for Google with wins from BT, Europe and Snap
Google has found a surprising friend in BT for its battle to prove it doesn’t have monopoly intentions with its Android operating system.

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