Bringing value to private networks – Digital Symposium

The role of the telco in enterprise digital transformation continues to be a key source of growth for the service provider industry. Delivering on this growth opportunity is made more challenging by the perception that they are still primarily seen as connectivity suppliers, rather than solution suppliers, making partnerships difficult to develop.

This symposium will provide you with an opportunity to present alongside and in front of senior telco representatives working on their positioning and proposition for their target enterprise customers.

You will have the chance to share your expertise to help telcos overcome this challenge, understand, and meet enterprise requirements, create business cases beyond the connectivity-only model, compete with hyperscalers, develop the killer app, and embrace high-security standards.

Session 1: Finding the value to commercialise private 5G

One of the key challenges with the deployment of private networks is providing enough value to the enterprises to justify the capital costs. The session will explore the driving force behind the private network deployments in the coming years, enterprise challenges and expectations from the network, monetisation opportunities for telcos and available solutions to help telcos on their journey.

  • What will be the driver for private 5G deployments in 2023 – 2024?
  • What are the key considerations the enterprises when choosing a private network supplier?
  • Does a private network provide enough value without the edge?
  • Wi-Fi vs Private 5G: alternative or complementary?
  • Where lies the opportunity for telcos to monetise private 5G?
  • What are the unique capabilities that telcos bring to this market and how should they compete with hyperscalers?

Session 2. Security Considerations for Private 5G Deployments

Apart from the private network deployment, enterprises and telcos should think about future network management, especially from a security perspective. The session will explore key security challenges and solutions when migrating from established Wi-Fi to a new cellular or hybrid network.

  • Key cybersecurity risks for the enterprises in 2023 onwards
  • Migration from legacy infrastructure to private 5G: security risk analysis
  • How shall telcos leverage private 5G without compromising on security?
  • Will the enterprise IT teams be able to manage security on the cellular network?
  • What are the tools and solutions available to manage security in hybrid networks?
  • Can Secure Access Service Edge help to overcome the enterprise network security gaps?
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