Climate Action Digital Symposium

This is a Digital Symposium with two sessions.

Climate Action Digital Symposium Session 1: Climate Action Alchemy: Transforming the Crisis into Opportunities – September 26, 2023

14.00 pm BST – Opening Remarks from the Chairperson

14.05 pm BST – Intro: Igniting Global Climate Change: What is in Stock for Telecoms? 

This enlightening analyst intro will assess the implications of global climate change on the telecoms industry. The session will bring in the concise light on the real risks and what opportunities they create for the telecoms, therefore outlining the place for the cutting-edge technologies that need to be adopted to mitigate the environmental impact.  

14.15 pm BST – Service Provider Keynote: Navigating through the green frontier: sustainable infrastructure deployment 

14.30 pm ET – Sponsor Keynote:  Revolutionising telco transformation by collaborative strategies

15.00 pm BST – Panel Session: Climate Action Nexus: what are the real ways to leverage the risks for sustainable opportunities? 

15.25 pm BST – Chairperson Closing Remarks

15.30 pm BST – End


Climate Action Digital Symposium Session 2: Eco-Strategic Taskforce: Empowering Telecoms for a Sustainable Future – September 26, 2023

16.00pm BST – Opening Remarks

16:05 pm  BST – Service Provider Keynote: Network resilience in the face of climate change

16.20 pm BST– Sponsor Keynote: Championing the green networks: energy management and sustainable network infrastructure 

16.35 pm BST– Panel Discussion: Building the “bridges of trust” towards mobile net zero 

17.05 pm BST – Closing Remarks

17.10 pm BST – End

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