Telco Blockchain Forum

Telco Blockchain Forum is the first conference to properly target the Telecoms industry and educate them about the opportunities and challenges of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.

This conference seeks to bring together the growing Telco Blockchain community, foster collaboration between the early adopters, and inspire the next wave of Telco Blockchain exploration.

Telco Blockchain Forum will bring you the latest content and use cases that will help you structure your blockchain strategy and progress the debate on blockchain in telecom. Expect:

• Expert Workshops: An in-depth introduction and discussion to blockchain applied to telco, the potential, the pain and the profit with content led by industry training specialists.
• Business Cases: The Forum will go beyond blockchain 101 into discussing the specific use cases for blockchain in telecom, whether it will be a revenue generator or an opex slasher.
• Networking: The Forum will link up the blockchain telco community, to aid collaboration in an architecture all about brokering trust and governed by consensus. Rub shoulders with the industries trailblazers and discover how the ecosystem is developing.

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