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Activison Blizzard Microsoft deal


UK M&A watchdog opposes Microsoft's Activision deal

...what this meant in terms of peoples’ willingness or otherwise to conduct their entire lives at home and online, and so it continued to operate as if staying at home...

Amazon Devices


Amazon axes staff at devices and services unit

...peoples’ confidence in tech. After culling senior management and gutting the company, The Washington Post reported this week that Musk has issued an ultimatum to staff, asking them to commit...


HTC VIVE and e& unveil metaverse partnership identifying opportunities to build such intricate virtual ecosystems that make the difference.” “Through our collaboration with e&, our aim is to unleash peoples’ imaginations, helping them to enjoy new...


Nokia warns IoT malware infection rate has doubled

...their phishing skills. According to Nokia’s report, February and March saw a 30 percent spike in the average monthly mobile infection rate, as hackers capitalised on peoples’ thirst for information...


A global look at YouTube and its censorship policies

...voice to peoples of censored states, and taking away the livelihoods of honest content creators In other words, dig your way down the rabbit hole in any corner of YouTube...


Fitbit financials tumble but that might not worry Google

...we continued to advance our mission of making health accessible to more people around the world by delivering devices, software and services at affordable prices that help improve peoples’ health,”...


Eurocrats lose vote to ‘break the internet’

...of the democratic process. We will now return to the matter in September for further consideration and attempt to address peoples’ concerns whilst bringing our copyright rules up to date...


25% of Brits fear losing jobs to AI today

...a financial doomsday; 35% of respondents strongly agreed with the statement ‘Machines will take peoples jobs and cause an economic crisis’. This might sound like a stretch, but there is...



Amazon and Google make loads more money the default search engine on peoples devices. The total spent on these partnerships over the last three months was $6.450 billion, roughly 24% of the total Google advertising revenues....



Australia has a go at removing citizens' security

...using this model, tens of thousands of hackers will have penetrated the lives of consumers around the world. How many peoples bank details will be stolen? How many embarrassing images...


Predicting the polls - did Google know Trump and Brexit would happen?

...grey area. “Under the Data Protection Act 1998, information about peoples’ political opinions is treated as sensitive personal information,” Smith told “… because the information is deemed ‘sensitive’ personal...


Industry responds to Brexit vote

...peoples. The Union of 27 Member States will continue. The Union is the framework of our common political future. We are bound together by history, geography and common interests and...


BT adds big data analytics to its toolkit

...Data Collection Manager (DCM), which is used to track the performance of the rapidly proliferating number of communication devices in peoples’ homes. The data is then made available to BT’s...

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