What is network slicing?

Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about network slicing in telecoms – including the technology behind it, what it is used for, and who is buying it.

What is 6G?

As the marketing drum for 6G starts banging in the distance, we’ve gathered some industry experts together to describe what it will be, what it will do, and what lessons can be drawn from the 5G rollout.

6G could do with moving away from industry jargon

InterDigital and Omdia have teamed up for a joint study arguing that in order to measure the success of future 6G services, new ‘quality of personal experience’ metrics will be needed.

Nokia ponders the killer apps of 6G

The marketing drum of 6G has begun and Nokia is among those speculating on what it might do – such as chipping humans with NFC devices and scanners that can measure the bodily information of crowds.

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