Tablets gaining traction in finance, shopping and advertising

For consumers who own both a smartphone and tablet, the primary device is still the smartphone, yet this situation will be reversed in early 2013 and tablets will generate more than ten per cent of all website visits by 2014. These forecasts came from research published by software house Adobe, which surveyed 1,200 US mobile users in March to see how they interact with the web via mobile.

Adobe Flash pulled from Android app store

Software developer Adobe has effectively killed off its Flash Player for Android, on Thursday pulling the browser plug in from the Google Play marketplace.

Adobe stops Flash development for smartphones

Adobe has declared that it will cease to develop its Flash Player for new mobile devices, as it looks instead to contribute more aggressively to the development of HTML5. The company admitted that HTML5 is now the best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms, and said that it will instead focus on working with key players in the HTML community.

Microsoft rumoured to be eyeing up Adobe in mobile apps play

Microsoft and Adobe have yet to make any real or significant impact in the mobile apps market, and are thought to be considering joining forces. If the two companies were to merge then it would have to be the mobile apps market driving the deal, as this is where both companies need to score big time, say analysts at Ovum.

Adobe aims new Flash release at developers and Apple

US software vendor Adobe has released the latest version of its mobile platform, Flash Player 10.1, in a move that draws clear battle-lines between different approaches to creating and selling smartphone content.

Adobe to Apple: “Bye bye then”

Kevin Lynch, the chief technical officer of software developer Adobe, has posted a terse response to the criticism levelled at Flash technology by Apple chief Steve Jobs last week.

Adobe demos Flash on Android, blasts Apple

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last week, we caught up with Mark Doherty, Adobe’s mobile evangelist for the Flash platform, who gave us a demonstration of Flash Player and Adobe Air running on Android.

Adobe brings Flash to mobile, but not iPhone

Software firm Adobe announced plans for a full fledged Flash player for mobile devices on Monday, although there is still no sign of a break in the deadlock between it and Apple.

Flash for iPhone may exist, but it’s not there yet

The iPhone community is foaming at the mouth yet again, in the wake of reports that software developer Adobe has confirmed the existence of a Flash player for the Apple device. At the Flash on the Beach developers conference, which is taking place in Brighton, UK this week, Adobe’s senior director of engineering, Paul Betlem, […]

Flash to spice up Brew platform

US vendor Qualcomm has teamed up with software developer Adobe to incorporate Flash web media technology into its Brew content delivery platform. The latest version of the Brew Mobile platform will allow developers to create rich applications and web content in Adobe Flash for the Brew environment on mass market devices. New enhancements in platform […]