Carrier billing for content fundamentally flawed, says application store CEO

Carrier billing for content services is doomed in advanced markets because of fundamental conflicts of interest, and standalone payment specialists are best placed to handle charging. That’s the view from mobile content entrepreneur Simon Buckingham, whose latest venture Appitalism seeks to combine social networking and the application store model.

Appitalism joins app store fray

Another app store has entered the fray, pushing community reviews of content which caters to smartphones, tablets, PCs and ereaders. has made its debut with a catalogue of more than five million apps, songs, books, games and videos.

Just say “No” to Google’s AdMob acquisition

When it comes to the search advertising market, tangling with Google makes David vs. Goliath look like an even fight. Already in possession of the lion’s share of the desktop advertising market, Google is now poised to expand its significant advertising influence in the mobile realm with its proposed acquisition of AdMob.


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