Arqiva loses its wifi virginity

UK mutliplay telco Virgin Media is hoping to steal a march on bitter rival BT by grabbing Arqiva’s 31,000 UK wifi access points for its business arm.

Arqiva extends wifi advertising presence

UK-based telecoms and broadcast infrastructure firm Arqiva has acquired location based media firm Selective Media, which provides targeted advertising campaigns over Arqiva’s wifi network.

Race to the bottom of the world: Calling from the South Pole

Later this year, three teams of wounded service men and women will brave the inhospitable landscape of the Antarctic Circle in a 200 mile race to the South Pole. Crevasses, blizzards, 100MPH winds and temperatures of -40 degrees are just some of the obstacles nature will throw at them as a group, beside their own individual physical and mental injuries. Earlier this month caught up with the teams on an Icelandic glacier as they completed a two week training session, testing the communications equipment they will use for safety and to stay in touch with home.

YouView launch “way overdue but also too early”

A set-top box intended to transform how viewers consume TV has been launched in the UK, two years later than planned. YouView offers subscription-free digital TV and catch-up and will be available in major retailers by the end of July.

Everything Everywhere campaigns for 4G approval

UK operator Everything Everywhere is campaigning for permission to launch 4G services before its domestic competitors. To support its plea to regulator Ofcom, the operator has commissioned research that outlines the “significant economic and social benefits” that will come about by bringing 4G to the UK.

New executives arrive at Arqiva, Acision

UK communications infrastructure operator Arqiva this week appointed John Cresswell as CEO, effective January 17. Cresswell had been serving as interim CEO at broadcaster ITV, where he also held the position of chief operating officer.

BT backs long wave radio for smart meters

UK incumbent BT has joined forces with broadcast infrastructure firm Arqiva and business consultancy Detica in a bid to mop up business under the local government’s proposed smart metering initiative.

Arqiva wins UK wireless license

UK communications regulator Ofcom said Monday that it has awarded a swathe of radio spectrum to broadcast infrastructure firm Arqiva. Arqiva beat rival bids from AirRadio, Motorola, T-Mobile and the Joint Radio Company with a final offer of £1.5m for 4MHz of spectrum in the 412-414MHz band paired with 422-424 MHz frequencies. The licence for […]