UK big broadband disappoints customers

The UK’s biggest broadband providers are providing “mediocre” services, at least in the eyes of their customers, despite the fact that they are asking for much more money for the privilege.

Ofcom hints at Openreach pricing push-back

UK comms regulator Ofcom has decided to extend its assessment of wholesaler Openreach’s latest proposed pricing, thanks in part to unguarded comments from BT’s CEO.

BT rebels launch new ISP

A pair of former BT executives have launched a new Internet provider designed to take on the establishment in the UK called Rebel Internet, using the kind of rhetoric we are more used to hearing on the other side of the Atlantic.

Analysis of the long-term potential of 5G FWA

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is considered by some in the industry to be an efficient broadband alternative, especially since the dawn of 5G and mmWave spectrum allocations.

VMO2 mobile traffic was up 36% in 2022

Telco group VMO2 had its biggest year for data use on both its broadband and mobile networks, and has served up a bunch of stats on consumer habits for the year.

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