China Unicom

China Unicom announces ‘Wophone’ OS

China Unicom has announced the development of its own smartphone operating system built on a Linux core. The ‘Wophone’ OS, which reports claim will not be based on Android, will run on a new brand of devices which, it is hoped, will help China Unicom expand its handset offering in order to grow demand for its 3G services.

China Unicom profits to fall by more than half

China Unicom has announced that its full year profits for 2010 are likely to be less than half what the company reported for 2009. The news came days after it was revealed that the Chinese carrier is to deepen its equity relationship with Telefónica, with the Spanish incumbent investing €500m to take its stake in Unicom to 9.7 per cent.

Telefónica and China Unicom deepen relationship

Spanish incumbent operator Telefónica and China Unicom have announced that they are to deepen a relationship that was formalised in September 2009. Each will invest a further $500m in the other, taking Telefónica’s stake in Unicom to 9.7 per cent, and the Chinese carrier’s shareholding in Telefónica to 1.37 per cent.

Ericsson wins big in China

Swedish equipment firm Ericsson said Monday that it has scored two frame agreements with China’s leading wireless operators, China Mobile and China Unicom, valued at $1.8bn.

SK Telecom sells out of China Unicom

South Korean carrier SK Telecom has sold its entire 3.8 per cent stake in China Unicom back to the Chinese firm after incurring a loss on the investment.

China Unicom and Telefónica deepen relationship

Spanish incumbent Telefónica has struck a deal with China Unicom that will see each company invest $1bn in the other. The arrangement will take Telefónica’s stake in Unicom to more than eight per cent, while the Chinese carrier will own roughly 0.9 per cent of Telefónica.

China Unicom adds iPhone to portfolio

Chinese carrier China Unicom, which was recently blessed with the award of a WCDMA 3G licence, appears to be fleshing out its future portfolio of devices with a mouth watering array of gadgets.

China Telecom reveals wireless plan

China’s leading fixed line carrier, China Telecom, has revealed that it will pay a total of $16.1bn to acquire the CDMA network of mobile operator China Unicom. The deal is part of the Chinese government’s restructuring plan for the country’s telecoms sector, announced in May. China Telecom will pay Rmb66.2bn to acquire the CDMA network […]

China Telecom in $4bn CDMA expansion

    Chinese carrier China Telecom, which as part of recent restructuring moves in the nation’s communications sector is assuming control of China Unicom’s CDMA network, has announced an expansion tender worth US$4bn.  The firm has indicated that the money will be spent expanding the mobile network – China’s smallest – to rural areas, rather than being […]

Unicom insists a split is not on the cards

China Unicom has denied recent speculation that it could be split up and sold to fixed-line giants China Telecom and China Netcom. The conjecture is being fueled by Unicom’s moves to separate its GSM and CDMA arms into two divisions. “The company appears to have two engineering teams for its GSM and CDMA networks and […]


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