Clearwire announces cuts as losses deepen

If US WiMAX outfit Clearwire, in many ways the poster child of the WiMAX industry, has announced a raft of cost saving measures on the back of disappointing financial results. The firm published its Q3 results this week, with losses for the quarter hitting $139.4m, compared to $82.4m for the same period in 2009. More worrying, the firm conceded that it has yet to sort out funding for its future evolution, hence the cutbacks

Clearwire mulls LTE options

US operator and WiMAX pin up Clearwire is to trial LTE and examine coexistence scenarios between the 4G technologies. The announcement was accompanied by much bravado about how Clearwire is better placed to do LTE than any other US carrier.

Teresa Elder, president of strategic partnerships and wholesale, Clearwire

The WiMAX trumpets have been drowned out of late by the chorus of approval for LTE but the ‘other 4G technology’ has not disappeared. Clearwire is the poster child for the WiMAX campaign and Teresa Elder, a former Vodafone executive like her Clearwire boss Bill Morrow, has a key role in the company.

Clearwire launches in the Windy City

US WiMAX poster child Clearwire made its debut in the city of Chicago this week as the service provider expands its nationwide footprint.

WiMAX not dead: Clearwire scores $920m more in funding

US WiMAX pin up Clearwire said this week it has secured an additional $920m in debt financing, which in addition to the recently announced $1.56bn in financing gives it $1.85bn to further expand its network.

Taiwanese WiMAX players demo roaming

Taiwanese Mobile WiMAX operator VMax Telecom teamed up with Korean equipment manufacturer Samsung on Monday to demonstrate what they claim is the industry’s first Mobile WiMAX roaming service.

Bill Morrow, CEO Clearwire

A former chief executive at Vodafone’s Japanese and UK operations, as well as head of the firm’s European portfolio, Bill Morrow now leads US WiMAX carrier Clearwire. Much has been written about the market for WiMAX in a world where cellular standards dominate, and Morrow’s operation now shoulders a burden of proof for the technology and its business model in developed markets.

Comcast launches WiMAX service over Clearwire

US cable carrier Comcast, one of the backers of WiMAX operation Clearwire, has announced plans to launch its own wireless broadband service under the High-Speed 2go brand.

Clearwire CEO sees no threat from LTE

“LTE is going to have some disadvantages,” says Bill Morrow, Clearwire CEO. Speaking to about the potential ‘threat’ from LTE in light of Verizon’s plans to roll out the rival ‘4G’ technology in 20 to 30 US markets by the end of next year.

WiMAX Forum announces first operator roaming trial

The WiMAX Forum has announced that a roaming trial between Clearwire and Digital Bridge Communications (DBC), two US Mobile WiMAX operators using 2.5GHz spectrum, will start at the end of this month.

Clearwire revenue up, losses narrow, management reshuffle

US WiMAX operator Clearwire announced Wednesday an improved set of financial results for Q1 2009. Pro forma revenue for the three months ended 31 March 2009 increased by 21 percent to $62.14m compared with Q1 2008. Top line growth was driven by a 13 per cent increase in Clearwire subscribers and a seven percent hike in ARPU to $39.52 over the same period.

Clearwire taps Cisco for WiMAX kit, devices

Clearwire and Cisco have announced an alliance designed to ‘enhance and expand’ mobile WiMAX services throughout the US. Under the terms of the agreement, Clearwire has selected Cisco as its national IP NGN core infrastructure provider and to bring end-user devices to market.

Clearwire ties up two WiMAX deals in Taiwan

Clearwire, the flagship mobile WiMAX operator in the US, has entered into a strategic alliance with two WIMAX licensees in Taiwan: Global Mobile, which holds a licence in the north of Taiwan; and Vastar Cable TV System, which holds a licence to cover the southern part of the island.

3G mobile internet is “fake”, says UQ president

Japan may be home to a high amount of cellular internet users – 87 per cent of the country’s 106 cellphone users go online – but that does not faze Takeshi Tanaka, president of UQ Communications, which is gearing up to launch commercial mobile WiMAX services on 1st July 2009.

Clearwire eyes WIMAX operator stake in Taiwan

Clearwire is reportedly in talks with Global Mobile, one of six mobile WiMAX licensees in Taiwan, to strike up a strategic alliance. This may result in the US WiMAX operator taking an equity stake in Global Mobile, which is planning to increase its current level of registered capital (NT$1.13bn) by NT$1bn-1.9bn to help fund its WiMAX infrastructure rollout.

WiMAX Forum taps Clearwire expertise

The WiMAX Forum has launched an interoperability testing (IOT) certification programme, which will leverage Clearwire’s commercial WiMAX network experience to further ensure product interoperability in the 2.5GHz spectrum band.

Clearwire trials WiMAX VoIP handsets

Clearwire says it is trialling mobile VoIP handsets in Portland, Oregon, where it launched commercial mobile WIMAX service in January 2009.

Clearwire appoints Vodafone veteran as new CEO

Bill Morrow, a former Vodafone executive, has been named as the new CEO of Clearwire. Ben Wolff, the man Morrow replaces, becomes co-chairman of the flagship mobile WiMAX operator, working alongside cellular pioneer Craig McCaw.


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