Clearwire sticks to ambitious WiMAX plans

Despite the economic downturn, Clearwire shows no sign of any wavering in its commitment to WiMAX. During Thursday’s conference call on full-year 2008 results, Clearwire CEO Ben Wolff reaffirmed the company’s aim to provide WiMAX coverage to around 120 million people in the US by the end of 2010.

Beceem steps up CDMA/WiMAX dongle efforts

Beceem, a US-based WiMAX device chipset supplier, has entered into a formal partnership with Franklin Wireless to continue development of their 3G CDMA/4G USB modem product (the U300). The U300 was first made available by Sprint Nextel last month, which can be used on both the US mobile operator’s EV-DO network and the mobile WiMAX […]

Clearwire polishes up WiMAX brand

As US operators Sprint Nextel and Clearwire complete the merger of their next generation wireless internet businesses, the mobile WiMAX pin up known as “the new Clearwire” has unveiled its service brand – “Clear”. Late Monday, Clearwire said that in the coming moths, the Clear brand will replace the Xohm service name previously used by […]

Clearwire approves WiMAX deal, shares plummet

  As expected, Clearwire shareholders on Thursday approved the ‘new’ Clearwire joint venture. Comprising Sprint Nextel (51 per cent) and Clearwire (27 per cent) – with the remaining equity held by Intel, Google, TimeWarner Cable, Comcast and Bright House Networks – the new company has ambitious plans to roll out mobile WIMAX across the US. […]

IPCS backs down over Clearwire JV – for now

IPCS has withdrawn its request for a temporary injunction against the proposed New Clearwire joint venture, comprising Sprint Nextel’s WiMAX business unit (Xohm) and Clearwire. Shareholders of Clearwire and Sprint Nextel are due to vote on the deal Thursday but IPCS, an affiliate of Sprint, thought this would be premature since it is starting court […]

Clearwire only has eyes for mobile WiMAX

Clearwire has dramatically scaled down its marketing efforts for its fixed and nomadic services, which is based on ‘pre-WiMAX’ equipment from Motorola, as it focuses on mobile WiMAX rollout. “We focused our resources on the strategic priorities of preparing our upcoming mobile WiMAX markets for launch as well as successfully completing a proof of concept network […]

AT&T tries to rain on Clearwire’s parade

Leading US wireless operator AT&T is seeking to put a crimp in Sprint-Nextel and Clearwire’s plans to merge assets and form a nationwide WiMAX network. Late last week the carrier filed a petition with US communications regulator the FCC, requesting that the authority refuse the merger. In June, the new Clearwire, which is to be […]

Clearwire: Unwired or unhinged?

A nationwide WiMAX network for the US is now a strong likelihood. The new, improved Clearwire has the money, the partners and the will to make it happen. But will it be a wireless breakthrough or a white elephant?

Clearwire has sights set on 30 mil. subs by 2017

US-based WiMAX pin up Clearwire is targeting a subscriber base of over 30 million by 2017. At an investor presentation on Thursday evening, the new Clearwire revealed its projections for business and revenue growth over the next ten years. The company reckons it can hit over million customers by 2009, rising to 4.6 million a […]

Mobile WiMAX players dive into patent pool

Six of the big guns in the mobile WiMAX world announced the formation of a patent pool on Tuesday. Dubbed the Open Patent Alliance (OPA), the founding members are Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Intel, Samsung and WiMAX pin ups of the operator community, Clearwire and Sprint. The group said the purpose of the OPA is to help […]

Clearwire loss increases 90 per cent

US WiMAX champion Clearwire almost doubled its net loss during the first quarter, reporting a deficit of $176.4m, compared to a loss of $92.6m in the same period last year. Revenues were up 76 per cent to $51.5m as the company cranked its customer base up to 443,000, 72 per cent higher than the same […]

IPCS sues Sprint over ‘new’ Clearwire

Only days after Sprint and Clearwire announced plans to combine their respective WiMAX businesses, Sprint affiliate iPCS has slapped a law suit on the third largest operator in the US. According to the affiliate, the ‘new’ Clearwire would violate a service exclusivity arrangement that it struck with Sprint in 1999 for the seven states in which […]

Clearwire looks to Google for apps

US wireless broadband player Clearwire is teaming up with Google to deliver a bundle of the web giant’s apps to its customers. Clearwire said it will begin migrating its existing customers to Gmail and Google Calendar in the first half of this year and will also give users access to Google Talk. “Clearwire is excited […]

Sprint remains on track for 2008 WiMAX launch

Despite the recent break up of its WiMAX joint venture with Clearwire, US carrier Sprint Nextel remains on track for a commercial launch of the wireless broadband technology next year. Sprint is soft launching its WiMAX network in three markets between now and Christmas, with several hundred employees testing the network over data cards. After […]

Sprint, Clearwire call off WiMAX partnership

Sprint Nextel’s plans for WiMAX took a knock on Friday, as build out partner Clearwire announced a termination of their original agreement. As US-based WiMAX proponent Clearwire reported its third quarter results on Friday, the company revealed that it and Sprint have terminated their obligations regarding the WiMAX build out partnership announced in July. Under […]

Sprint, Clearwire champion mobile WiMAX

US carrier Sprint Nextel and wireless broadband player Clearwire joined forces on Thursday to build a nationwide WiMAX network. The idea is to foster a quicker, broader and more efficient deployment of a mobile WiMAX broadband network than either company could accomplish on its own. The companies said the WiMAX network is being designed to […]

Clearwire tests mobile WiMAX

Craig McCaw’s US-based wireless broadband provider, Clearwire, said Monday that it has successfully completed phase one of its mobile WiMAX field trials. The field trial took place in Portland, Oregon, and was conducted in partnership with Intel and Motorola using kit based on the IEEE 802.16e standard operating in the 2.5GHz frequency band. The first […]

AT&T sells spectrum to Clearwire

US operator AT&T sold $300m worth of spectrum to WiMAX player Clearwire, earlier this week. The deal involved all 2.5GHz spectrum currently licensed to, or leased by, BellSouth which has now merged with AT&T and formed part of the conditions of the merger. The sale includes EBS (Education Broadband Service) spectrum, which is reserved for […]


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