credit crunch

WiMAX benefits from deep-pocketed operators

One of the findings to emerge from recent research published by Maravedis is that there is a small but significant number of WiMAX operators who have got plenty of cash to spend, despite the economic downturn.

Asian mobile market hit hard by crunch

The Asia Pacific mobile industry has been hit hard by the economic slowdown, with the number of new mobile subscribers singed up over the traditionally strong Christmas quarter falling almost 20 million on the previous, and typically slower, quarter.

European telecoms weathering economic storm

The European telecoms sector continued to grow throughout 2008 outperforming the rest of the regional economy, according to figures released by the European Commission this week.

WiMAX proving ‘resilient’, says analyst

WiMAX is holding its own, despite the economic downturn, although it will come under increasing pressure to prove itself over the next couple of years with the rise of HSPA and LTE.

Sony Ericsson warns on first quarter sales

Japanese-Swedish joint venture Sony Ericsson warned Friday that its first quarter results would be hard hit by consumer belt tightening and de-stocking in the retail channels.

Nokia to cut 1,700 more jobs

Monster handset vendor Nokia announced plans to slash a further 1,700 positions on Tuesday, as it continues to streamline its operations.

Mobile WiMAX sales ramp up in 3Q 2008

Worldwide mobile WiMAX infrastructure revenues nearly quadrupled in 3Q 2008 compared with the same quarter the year previously. This is according to analyst firm the Dell’Oro Group. “With LTE still a couple of years away, WiMAX has become the first next-generation technology with commercial service,” says Scott Siegler, senior analyst of mobile infrastructure research at […]

Emerging markets and data form silver lining

Despite the economic gloom, which is expected to bite harder in 2009, the telecoms industry may take refuge in forecasts that emerging market growth and the development of mobile data services will push the sector to ever greater heights. Figures released by industry analyst Ovum this week predict 5.63 billion mobile connections by 2013, up […]

Fixed line broadband still sticky service

One of the growing concerns of the fixed line operator community in these times of economic slowdown is that consumers are cutting their fixed line broadband in favour of a mobile net connection. It’s been well noted that mobile broadband subscriptions are growing at an explosive rate, giving rise to a potential double whammy risk, […]

European operators first to feel full force of crunch

Just as Telecom Italia announces an extensive cost cutting initiative, industry analysts are warning that European mobile operators will be the first to feel the full impact of the credit crunch. Research carried out by industry analyst Ovum indicates that while operators in other regions showed little signs of feeling the credit crunch during the […]

Quality of service to decide operators’ fate

2009 will really show up the impact of the credit crunch on the global telecoms market, and it looks like more belt tightening lies ahead for the industry. On Thursday, took a trip to London’s big screen IMAX cinema for a special showing of a dark and brooding thriller, featuring Informa Telecoms & Media’s […]

North American wireless dodges economic crisis

The North American wireless industry is standing firm against the downturn and is set to grow in 2009, according to analyst projections this week. Although North America was the first region to be affected by the economic crisis and has been the hardest hit, wireless operators’ results in the third quarter show how mobile services […]

Nokia sees tough times ahead

On Friday, the world’s biggest handset vendor confirmed what many have come to fear over the past months, the sharp pullback in consumer spending worldwide has hit the mobile devices market hard. Updating its outlook for the fourth quarter, Nokia said that it expects industry mobile device volumes will be lower than previously expected – […]

Voda results show carriers can’t dodge downturn

The world’s biggest operator in terms of revenue and arguably the most important bellwether of the global carrier market, demonstrated Tuesday that telecoms might not be as resistant to the economic downturn as everyone thought. Vodafone reported a 34 per cent drop in profits for the first half of the year, to £2.17bn, while revenues […]

“Let the buying begin,” says telecoms analyst

Despite the economic chaos, telecoms firms should not let a sensible attitude of caution turn into a bunker mentality. For those with tangible resources available, analysts say a more aggressive strategy is advisable. This week, industry analyst Ovum predicted that the financial crisis will force a sea change in the telecoms landscape, largely outdating the […]

EU telcos say soft regulation will offset credit crunch

Europe’s leading telecoms operators have called for a softening of regulation across the sector, to encourage investment in next generation infrastructure in the face of the credit crunch. On Friday, some of the carrier community’s leading lights gathered in Venice for the annual general assembly of ETNO (the European Telecommunications Networks Operators’ association). In the […]

Sony Ericsson digs its heels in

Despite the economic turbulence, handset vendor Sony Ericsson managed to turn in a smaller than expected third quarter loss. At Eur25m the company’s quarterly loss compared to a profit of Eur267m in the same period last year, and follows a second quarter slide which sparked a Eur300m cost saving exercise. Third quarter sales hit Eur2.8bn, […]

Nokia keeps its cool as profits head south

Despite reporting a hefty slide in third quarter profits, Nokia, the world’s biggest handset vendor, avoided spooking the market with any mention of the effects of the prevailing economic crisis. Net profit for the quarter slipped to Eur1.09bn from Eur1.56bn in the same period last year, while net sales fell 5 per cent to Eur12.2bn. […]

Tough times for mobile phone makers

Worldwide economic gloom continued to impact mobile phones sales in both mature and emerging markets during the second quarter of the year. And while the global mobile subscriber base continued to grow, there was also a marked slowdown in handset replacements, as the market was dragged down by the higher cost of living. Industry analyst […]

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