Dell unveils scalable NFV platform and starter kit

IT giant Dell is seeking to apply its infrastructure and virtualization knowledge to the telco vertical with the launch of its NFV platform and accompanying operator starter kit. Dell intends to differentiate its offering by using open standards and ecosystem partners to maximise the platform’s scalability and flexibility.

Vendors develop open source framework for Internet of Things

A collaboration of industry vendors took form on Tuesday with the inauguration of a consortium focused on improving interoperability and defining connectivity requirements for the billions of devices that will make up the Internet of Things (IoT).

Dell and Microsoft sign patent agreements

Tech giants Microsoft and Dell have this week announced a patent licensing agreement that allows the two to license each other’s intellectual property related to Android and Chrome OS devices and Xbox gaming consoles.

Telefónica signs M2M deal with Dell

Spanish operator group Telefónica has signed a Europe-wide M2M deal with PC maker Dell, as the two set out to deliver pay-as-you-go mobile broadband services for notebooks and tablets.

Dell to enhance mobile portfolio with Wyse acquisition

Dell has announced its intention to acquire cloud client computing provider Wyse Technologies for an undisclosed fee. Dell said that the addition of Wyse will expand its desktop virtualisation capabilities and provide new solutions and services opportunities for the full range of its enterprise offerings. The move also suggests a renewed effort from the PC maker to expand its mobile business.

Sprint unveils 4G netbook

US operator Sprint has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first 3G/4G (CDMA/WiMAX) embedded netbook to spur adoption of its WiMAX network.

Windows Phone 7 devices available in October

So Windows Phone 7 is out there and pretty slick it looks too. Even Stephen Fry, a long time critic of Microsoft’s mobile strategy was present at the launch event in London to say, ”Microsoft finally gets it”.

Android Streaks into UK as Dell pops tablet

Electronics manufacturer Dell continues its love affair with Android, lifting the curtain on a five inch tablet to be made available on the O2 UK network in early June.