Ericsson, Dell to offer HSPA laptops

Swedish kit vendor Ericsson said Tuesday that it has struck a deal with PC manufacturer Dell, to supply mobile broadband modules for next generation laptops. Dell said it will offer built in HSPA as part of its laptop portfolio from the second quarter. The module Ericsson is supplying also has a GPS receiver, which could […]

Microsoft calls for white space validation

Proponents of so called ‘white space’ broadband, Microsoft and Philips, are pushing US communications agency the FCC to acknowledge their tests proving that the technology does not interfere with TV broadcasts. In August, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Philips and Dell, known as the White Space Coalition, submitted […]

White space net box was broken

Microsoft has resubmitted its ‘white space’ broadband device to the FCC for testing, claiming that the original, which failed the test, was broken. Last week, a collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft and Dell, and known as the White Space Coalition, submitted a gadget that can be used to receive […]

FCC nixes white space broadband

US communications regulator the FCC has thrown a spanner into the works of a plan to deliver broadband services via the white space between TV channels. A collaboration of tech firms headed up by Google, Intel, HP, Microsoft and Dell, had submitted the plan as the White Space Coalition. The coalition has developed a gadget […]

Dell mobile in development already?

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Quanta Computer is building a Windows-based PDA for Dell, according to a rumour gathering steam on the internet this week. Taiwanese news website,, claims to have found a source that revealed that the Dell mobile handset project is codenamed “Fly” and is a handheld using the Windows Mobile 6 Professional platform […]

Is Dell plotting a mobile move?

Speculation is mounting that Michael Dell, the man behind one of the world’s most successful PC brands, is looking to move into the mobile space. Just days after Dell poached Motorola’s handset guru, Ron Garriques, to run its new global consumer group, rumours suggested that part of Garriques’ role would be to smooth the transition […]

‘Dell-style’ phones to challenge mobile operators

Mobile operators’ control over subscribers will increasingly come under threat as handset manufacturers move towards a “Dell-style” approach, where users specify the features and software they want on their devices, according to Norwegian VoIP provider, Telio. “People know that subsidies don’t come for free,” Alan Duric, CEO of Telio told delegates at Informa Telecoms&Media’s Mobile […]


When will autonomous vehicle be a commercial reality for transportation companies?

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