India drives global RAN sector growth

The latest radio access networking kit sector numbers from Dell’Oro reveal stronger than expected growth, thanks mainly to the APAC region.

At whose expense will Open RAN thrive?

Figures for 2022 show that while the telecoms equipment sales rose in 2022 by 3%, it’s a declining rate of growth. For an influx of firms to turn up on the scene and make everything more diverse, someone’s surely got to loose market share.  

RAN market flat despite 5G opportunities

The global market for radio access networks (RAN) is no longer growing, and may even decline over the next five years, despite the fact that operators are still spending on 5G.

Mobile core network market declined again in Q3

Though there have been nine new 5G SA networks launched since the last quarter, revenue for the Mobile Core Networks and Multi-access Edge Computing markets declined again in Q3, according to Dell’Oro.

Dell’Oro tempers public telco cloud hype

Amid all the excitement about the role that hyperscalers can play in telco cloud, a new prediction from Dell’Oro this week should keep everyone’s feet firmly rooted to terra firma.

Dell’Oro bullish on Open RAN growth

A recently released report by the Dell’Oro Group, a telecoms market research firm, sees forecasts for Open RAN kit revenues revised upwards.

Where is all the 5G standalone we were expecting?

Telcos have launched just 19 standalone 5G networks to date and that slow pace of development is understandably having an impact on mobile core spending, according to a new analyst report by Dell’Oro Group.