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Deutsche Telekom workers to strike

German carrier Deutsche Telekom faces a walk out after workers on Thursday voted in favour of a strike. The carrier has drawn fire over plans to outsource 50,000 staff to three new companies, with new contracts expected to include lower wages and longer working hours. A statement from trade union Ver.di, released after the lunchtime […]

EC steps up proceedings against Germany

The European Commission on Thursday stepped up its infringement proceedings against Germany over provisions to grant a “regulatory holiday” to incumbent carrier Deutsche Telekom. The infringement procedure was launched at the end of February after amendments to Germany’s telecoms law provided for an exemption of Deutsche Telekom’s VDSL fast internet access network from competition. Germany […]

Germany fails to calm strike

Reports have emerged that the German government stepped in to try to resolve the strike launched by around 15,000 workers at German carrier Deutsche Telekom. It is understood the government, which is also Deutsche Telekom’s largest shareholder, sent finance minister Peer Steinbrueck to meet with the heads of the German carrier and workers’ union Ver.di […]

12,000 strike at Deutsche Telekom

Over 12,000 workers downed tools Monday at Deutsche Telekom (DT), protesting at the German incumbent’s reorganisation strategy to transfer 50,000 staff into separate units. The strike comes as DT settles down to a fourth round of talks with the workers’ union, Ver.di. DT which employs around 160,000 people in Germany, has said that it plans […]

DT must allow NGN access

The German communications regulator has ruled that Deutsche Telekom must allow rival operators access to its next generation network infrastructure. This week, Bundesnetzagentur, said that rival companies would be able to use Telekom’s new cabling ducts to lay fibre for their own customers. Deutsche Telekom had been fighting to protect the rollout of its Eur3bn […]

DT kills off FMC offering

German carrier Deutsche Telekom is reported to have quietly pulled the plug on its domestic fixed mobile convergence (FMC) service, T-One, almost a year to the day since it launched. T-One, which launched at the CeBit trade fair last year, provided users with a device that allowed them to make reduced price calls over wifi […]

DT reports Eur898m loss – update

Europe’s largest telephone company, Deutsche Telekom (DT), reported an unexpected loss of Eur898m in the fourth quarter as half a million customers defected and costs for eliminating 32,000 jobs were absorbed. DT posted a profit of Eur991m a year earlier, and analysts were expecting a net profit of around Eur667m for the quarter, ended Dec […]

Reding threatens Germany over DT network

A war of words has broken out between the German incumbent, Deutsche Telekom (DT) and the European Commission over a new law that allows the telecoms giant to keep rivals off its new high-speed network. On Monday the EC confirmed it had threatened the German government with legal action unless it scraps the law, passed […]

DT defends restructuring plans

Deutsche Telekom (DT) has dismissed claims that its restructuring could affect a third of its employees. German trade union, Ver.di, said Thursday that the incumbent’s “spin off plans” could hit up to 61,400 of its employees, 15,000 more than announced. DT said the figures were speculative and “pure invention”.DT restructuring will see some of the […]

Deutsche Telekom issues profit warning

German carrier Deutsche Telekom saw its shares take a dive on Monday morning after the firm issued a profit warning Sunday night. The warning, the second in six months, has been blamed on fierce domestic competition at home and the weak dollar. The telco adjusted its expectation for group revenue and adjusted EBITDA (earnings before […]

Fury in Germany over DT’s regulation vacation

The German government agreed minor amendments to the country’s telecoms bill on Tuesday evening, paving the way for a “regulatory holiday” for incumbent carrier Deutsche Telekom (DT) while threatening to stifle competition in the broadband market. The amendments appear to hinge on the definition of new markets, proposing that regulation be reduced on those companies […]

Update: Obermann named DT chief

The supervisory board of Deutsche Telekom decided to immediately appoint Rene Obermann as new chief executive officer on Monday afternoon, following the resignation of former head honcho, Kai-Uwe Ricke. Obermann joined the board of management at the German carrier in 2002 and has since headed up T-Mobile International, the carrier’s mobile arm. Ricke, resigned from […]

Deutsche Telekom continues to lose narrowband subs

Deutsche Telekom reported that net profit for the third quarter fell 20.4 per cent year on year as the operator haemorrhaged yet more traditional fixed line customers. Profits dropped to Eur1.9bn (£1.3bn) from Eur2.4bn a year ago, while revenues increased just 2.8 per cent to Eur15.4bn. The number of narrowband lines at the company fell […]

DT rejects Vivendi’s PTC bid

German incumbent Deutsche Telekom has rejected the offer from Vivendi to buy DT’s 49 per cent stake in Polish mobile operator Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC). As reported by Tuesday, Vivendi put Eur2.5bn on the table to take control of PTC, but reports in the German press state that DT is not prepared to sell […]

DT announces new bundles

As expected, Deutsche Telekom launched a series of new bundled offerings at the IFA consumer electronics exhibition, in Berlin on Thursday. DT, whose chief executive Kai-Uwe Ricke is under pressure to leave, announced a package with flat rates for fixed-phone and Web access, Call&Surf Comfort, for Eur49.95 (£33.63). The German incumbent which is struggling in […]

Deutsche Telekom looking for a new chief?

Deutsche Telekom’s chief executive Kai-Uwe Ricke is expected to reveal a new strategy to the embattled German incumbent’s supervisory board tomorrow (Friday) as the clock ticks on the remainder of his contract. As reported earlier this month, several major DT shareholders are unhappy with Ricke’s performance and German press reports go as far as […]

Deutsche Telekom forced to open up broadband

The European Commission fired a broadside at German incumbent Deutsche Telekom Monday, endorsing a regulatory measure that will give new market entrants access to the carrier’s new broadband network. This measure, proposed by German telecom regulator Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA) in accordance with EU regulations, is meant to remedy Deutsche Telekom’s position of dominance in the German […]

Deutsche Telekom facing shareholder revolt?

Germany’s incumbent carrier Deutsche Telekom could be facing a shareholder revolt, putting the future of chief executive Kai-Uwe Ricke in doubt. One of the German telco’s largest shareholders, the Blackstone Group – a private equity firm with a 4.5 per cent stake – is reportedly calling for the company to refuse an extension to Ricke’s […]

Deutsche Telekom rattled by domestic pressures

Germany’s incumbent carrier, Deutsche Telekom, spooked the stock market Thursday as it reduced revenue guidance for 2006 by Eur600m (£405m) on the back of aggressive competition in its domestic market. The operator recorded a 3.2 per cent drop in net profit for the first half of 2006, down from Eur2.15bn in 2005 to Eur2bn. EBITDA […]

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