EU report casts doubt on 2030 digital targets

The European Union this week published its first annual State of the Digital Decade report, which was more a whinge about investment than a study on the current digital landscape.

EU names big tech firms it has in its DMA sights

Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, Microsoft are all now officially designated ‘gatekeepers’ by the EU, meaning they have six months to comply with a list of new regulatory demands.

EU decision on failed UK telecoms merger muddies regulatory waters

A European court has thrown out a previous verdict on a case linked to the long-abandoned proposed merger between Three and O2 in the UK, making the regulatory climate even more difficult to predict at a time when telco tie-ups are once again making headlines.

EU gives Huawei millions in R&D funding

Huawei has received millions of euros from the EU to fund some of its R&D activities, despite the EU itself heaping pressure on telcos to avoid using the vendor’s kit.

Spain wants to scrap end-to-end encryption

According to a leaked EU document, there is significant appetite from some EU member states to allow private messages to be scanned in order to curb the spread of child sexual abuse material.

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